aNewSpring integration Deliver rich blended learning experiences

Integrate aNewSpring with Arlo to create and deliver rich learning experiences. Arlo manages your course registrations and logistics, while aNewSpring looks after the learner experience.

Blended learning Deliver learning journeys

Gone are the days of delivering one-day courses. Use aNewSpring alongside Arlo to deliver a learning journey, full of interactions and experiences.

aNewSpring and Arlo Total solution for training providers

Promote, sell, and deliver self-paced elearning, live online, face-to-face and blended courses.

How it works

Our integration between Arlo and aNewSpring ensures data flows seamlessly between the two systems. Set it up once, and let it run!

Schedule & map courses

Add your course dates to Arlo and map them to a course in aNewSpring. Scheduled courses go straight to your website – no need to update it manually.

Learners sign up

Learners register and pay on your Arlo-powered website. Their details are sent to aNewSpring instantly. Arlo sends the learner info about the instructor-led sessions, while aNewSpring tells them how to setup a login and access the self-paced course content. All this happens automatically in the background.

Deliver courses

Run your blended course in-person or online. Once the course is over, aNewSpring sends learner results back to Arlo so you have a full record of learning. Things like certificates, feedback surveys and invitations to attend your next course are all taken care of in the background too.

SSO and SAML Single login for learners

Enable single sign-on (SSO) to create a seamless learner experience between Arlo and aNewSpring. All SAML-based solutions are supported.

About aNewSpring

Trainers and training providers use aNewSpring to create and deliver effective online & blended learning.

aNewSpring is the online learning platform for training providers enabling learners to learn faster and perform better. It has everything you need as a training provider to be successful online, without having to worry about it.

About Arlo

Arlo is software for training providers who have outgrown messy spreadsheets and manual data entry. It’s a complete training management solution to organize and sell instructor-led, online and blended courses.

Arlo takes care of your public training schedule, private in-house courses and ongoing training contracts, so you can manage your whole business in one system. It saves you time by automating manual processes and helps you grow with slick ecommerce and marketing tools.

Ready to see them in action?

Let us show you around aNewSpring and Arlo.