Implementation Packages and Pricing

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We offer comprehensive implementation and training programs for all new customers. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you’re successful.

Implementation packages

(Required with all plans)














Designed for businesses with tech-savvy admins and simple workflows who don't require much assistance.

  • Launch call
  • Dedicated project plan
  • Email support
  • 2 hours of training*
  • Arlo Help Centre
  • Arlo-U
  • *Excludes system integration and data migration support














Equip your team with a detailed understanding of Arlo’s many features to reduce administration, sell more training and wow your customers.

  • Launch call
  • Dedicated project plan
  • Website consultancy call
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Email support
  • Tailored training & workflow consultancy (4 hrs)
  • Arlo Help Center
  • Arlo-U (Self-paced training)
  • Post-live check in














Let us guide your team with comprehensive training and implementation support. A great investment for busy training organizations to ensure your team is setup for success.

  • Launch call
  • Dedicated project plan
  • Website consultancy call
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Email support
  • Custom domain configuration
  • Tailored training & workflow consultancy (6 hrs)
  • Professional services (8 hrs)
    • Integration consultancy
    • Data migration
    • Automation (Zapier, Make)
    • Name label or certificated customization
  • Arlo Help Centre
  • Arlo-U (Self-paced training)
  • Post-live check in

Workflow Automation

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Arlo's integration with Zapier allows you to seamlessly connect Arlo to your other business apps so there's no double entry of data and everything is kept in sync.

Your Team

Free Free Free Free Free Free

We've created a library of pre-built Zaps with some of the most popular applications in the marketplace that you can adopt and configure.

Alternatively, you can connect Arlo to 1000's of other applications by building your own Zaps.

Our Team - Existing Zap

$200 NZD per Zap*
$200 AUD per Zap*
£140 GBP per Zap*
$180 USD per Zap*
€160 EUR per Zap*
$232 CAD per Zap*

Not familiar with Zapier? Our specialists can set up one of our pre-built Zaps for you. You'll be up and running in no time.

We’ll manage the whole process for you.

  • Set up one of our pre-build Zaps in Zapier.
  • Complete basic customization, e.g. field mapping.
  • Test to confirm it is configured correctly.
  • *Total price is subject to final quote.

Our Team - New Zap

Starting at $540 NZD
Starting at $540 AUD
Starting at £300 GBP
Starting at $350 USD
Starting at €320 EUR
Starting at $626 CAD

Can't find what you are looking for in our Zap library? We can build a new Zap for you.

We'll manage the whole process for you.

  • Scope your requirements
  • Create a new Zap in Zapier
  • Complete basic customization, e.g. field mapping
  • Test to confirm it is configured correctly

Other services


Set your organization up for success with additional training.

Ensure new staff are well trained or delve deep into Enterprise features like application process, certifications, multi region, presenter requests, registration rules and building advanced reports.


Data Migration

Maintain business continuity by migrating historical data and your current training schedule into Arlo.

Our team will compile and transform your data, then import it into your Arlo platform.


Website Custom Domain Setup

Host your Arlo website, checkout and management platform on a domain of your choice.

For example,

$320 NZD
$320 AUD
£211 GBP
$288 USD
€253 EUR
$371 CAD

Certificate Customization

Send us your certificate template, and let us know what information you would like to be pre-populated on it, such as registrant and event details.

Our team will build the certificate and load it into your Arlo platform so that you can start to use it!

$100 NZD per certificate
$100 AUD per certificate
£66 GBP per certificate
$90 USD per certificate
€79 EUR per certificate
$116 CAD per certificate

Something else?

Contact us and we will see what we can do!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Arlo isn't a plug and go software, it will transform your entire training operation. You may need to adapt to new ways of doing things and change isn't always easy.

    Your team will have plenty of questions during the implementation stages, and our consultative support team will be here to guide you through this process. We want you and your team to be set up for success.

    We'll work with you to understand your workflows and processes and make recommendations on how these can be achieved using best practice in Arlo.

  • This depends on a number of things such as your processes and training requirements, and web integration. We’ll provide you with the tools needed to get going on your own as soon as you can. Some customers are up and running within a couple of hours of starting their trial, and others prefer to take their time working through the adoption of Arlo with our support team.

  • Your support doesn’t stop after implementation. Your support doesn't stop after implementation. Your CSM will hand you over to our support team who will be responsible for any questions you have about using the platform, and you have access to our Help Center.

  • You can purchase on demand training on our training portal. To find more information about any of our professional services, contact our support team.

All prices exclude GST
Arlo reserves the right to change pricing at any time.

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