Certification & license management Automate your processes

Arlo makes managing certifications and licenses easy.

Manage and track licensing and certification with Arlo

Workflows Automated renewal workflow

Arlo will automatically remind clients when their certification or license is about to expire and then create and track the renewal.

Arlo automates the renewal process of expired licensing.

Website verification search Register of license holders

Arlo’s verification search allows you to host a service where you can look up and confirm if a person is certified to complete a job. For example, certify that a tradesperson or health practitioner holds a current and valid certification or license.

Arlo lets people verify whether someone has the correct certification to do a job.

Digital archive Be audit-ready

Keep record of all your certification and licensing information ready for an audit, this includes your scanned documents.

Keep all your certification and licensing stored in one central place, ready for an audit.

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