Certification management software Automate your processes

Arlo makes managing certifications and licenses easy. Our certification management software manages the workflow of approving and renewing certifications, licenses, and memberships, based on course or eLearning activity registrations and more.

Manage and track licensing and certification with Arlo

Create, format and upload certificate templates

Create certification templates from scratch, format to your own specifications or upload existing certification templates for complete control over your certificate creation and management process. Utilize Arlo’s certification templates to set the correct format for your requirements. Save and copy the template to make future certificates nice and easy.

Arlo automates the renewal process of expired licensing.

Website verification search Register of license holders

Arlo’s verification search allows you to host a service where you can look up and confirm if a person is certified to complete a job. For example, certify that a tradesperson or health practitioner holds a current and valid certification or license.

Arlo lets people verify whether someone has the correct certification to do a job.

Automate certification renewals and communications

Arlo will send automated renewal reminders to clients when their certification or license is about to expire and then create and track the renewal. Automated reminders help cut down on manual processes saving you time and effort.

Keep all your certification and licensing stored in one central place, ready for an audit.

Other features

Scheduled reports

Schedule reports such as event attendee reports to be automatically sent to presenters before the training course starts.

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Enjoy an entire course management suite

Arlo is more than just certification management software. It’s an all in one hub that manages the entire training and course management process. Everything from course registrations through to automating course communications.

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Keep all your certificates up to date with smart version control

If the requirements for a certificate change, you can choose to create a new version and decide whether those in progress of getting the certificate follow the original version or the updated version.

Stay audit ready and compliant with industry standards and regulations

Arlo keeps record of all your certification and licensing information ready for an audit, this includes your scanned documents, and any changes, such as when and who approved each certificate.

Common questions

What does a certification management system do?

A certification management system automates the tracking and management of employee certifications. It centralizes records, notifies users of expiration dates, upcoming renewals, and helps you maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Can certification management software help reduce administrative overhead?

Yes, certification management software is a reliable solution that reduces administrative overhead by automating tasks such as tracking certifications, managing renewal deadlines, and generating compliance reports. This frees up HR and training personnel to focus more on strategic initiatives rather than manual paperwork.

Does certification management software work with course management software?

Yes, certification management software often integrates seamlessly with course management systems. Platforms such as Arlo contain course management features and certification management features in one platform, helping you manage your entire course workflow and your certification initiatives. 

Can certification management software help with employee training?

Yes, certification management software can support professional development and continuous improvement among employees. For example, it automates elements of tracking of certifications and training progress, ensuring compliance and facilitating skill enhancement. The software notifies employees of upcoming certification renewals, and when used in conjunction with a platform like an LMS tracks completion of required training modules, and can provide analytics to assess skill gaps for targeted development efforts.

Is certification management software customizable to fit our organization’s specific needs?

Yes, most certification management software, certification tracking software and certification applications offer customization options to adapt to the unique requirements of different organizations. This can include configuring workflows, setting up alerts and notifications, integrating with existing systems, and tailoring reporting features to align with specific compliance and training goals.

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