Seminar Management Software Manage seminars with ease

Arlo makes seminar administration a breeze – it automates manual processes and makes common everyday tasks easy. Manage your seminar sessions, tickets, presenters, venues and reporting all from one place.

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Dashboard with real-time activity

View information in real-time. At a glance, see what seminars are coming up, monitor registrations, view seminars people have registered interest in, track the value of orders per month, and manage your daily tasks.

Arlo dashboard with real-time seminar and event information so you can see what's coming up.

Purpose-built seminar management software

Manage all seminar information and resources in one place, online, and accessible from anywhere on the web. Track tasks, record notes, send emails, print name labels, and produce certificates.

Organize your seminars

Organise your seminars using tags and categories. Quickly find seminars within a list using the intuitive search, auto suggest, and filter tools. Easily export seminar data to a spreadsheet.

Easily schedule new seminars

Seminar templates and presets automatically pre-populate information making scheduling seminars that re-run on multiple dates and locations easy. You can also import your seminars from a spreadsheet.

Check availability

You’ll love Arlo’s interactive seminar scheduling software. View a presenter’s or a group of presenters’ availability and find a suitable venue which is also available.

Screenshot of Arlo's seminar management software. Manage your seminar from one central place. View registrations, venue and presenter information.

Different types of seminars

Manage seminars run at a physical venue, live online (webinar style), or offer the option to complete the activity self-paced online. You can also manage special seminars such as conference style events with multiple registration options and private events run for a specific client.

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Automated communication

Arlo manages all seminar communication for you. It sends seminar instructions, reminders, and change notifications. You can customize each email and add attachments such as pre-reading. All communication includes calendar appointments so people can add and update their Outlook or Gmail calendar automatically.

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