Event management system Repeating events made easy

Running a large program of recurring events, workshops, or seminars? Then Arlo’s for you!

Run your repeating events easily. Schedule events, manage venues and presenters.

Custom fields, sessions, and optional extras Conference registrations

Create custom registration forms for events with session registrations and optional extras.

Presenter, venue & room management Powerful scheduling tool

Manage all your events and resource within a shared scheduler. Bookout company holidays, presenter leave, and external resource bookings.

Presenter schedule shows which courses your presenters are taking and when they are free.
Arlo's calendar lets your see when your courses are running, which ones are full or not and more.
Searching for available presenters to take your next course is easy with Arlo.

Task Sets Keep organised with tasks

Arlo helps you manage all of those small but important course management tasks. Save time by applying a Task Set to an event template; a task checklist is automatically created for every future course scheduled on that template. Assign tasks to your colleagues or yourself, and tick them off when you’re done.

Task sets help you to manage your course administration.

Everything in one place

Manage your entire event online, from anywhere. See all registrations, event details and presenter details across one page, not multiple systems.

Arlo's course management user interface makes managing your course from anywhere, simple.

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