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  • Top 5 tools to manage training registrations

    Melanie Hall - September 7th, 2023

    With so many options out there, finding the best tools to manage training registrations can be challenging. In this article we explore the top five tools that are used by real training providers to manage training registrations, to help you make an informed decision for your business. Managing training registrations is a complex task. Collecting […]

  • FAQs about Arlo for training companies

    Melanie Hall - August 31st, 2023

    How does Arlo handle email communication? Does Arlo provide support for websites and integrations? Where does Arlo host data? Find the answers to these questions and more in this comprehensive list of common queries from training providers. If you’ve just started exploring the Arlo training management system, you’ve probably got a few questions. Taking a […]

  • We WON! 2023 Gold Awards – Technology Gold Winner – Arlo

    Melanie Hall - August 31st, 2023

    A few weeks ago we announced that Arlo was a finalist in the Technology Gold category for the Wellington Gold Awards.  We’re ecstatic to say… WE WON!! It’s a great feeling to be recognized for these achievements, and the mana that comes with winning an award like this is felt company-wide. We’re proud to say […]

  • The 5 best WordPress course plugins for training providers in 2023

    Melanie Hall - August 30th, 2023

    Powerful WordPress course plugins like Arlo can make it easy for training providers to sell courses on their existing website without the need for costly custom development. Paired with a handful of other key plugins, and you have a ton of functionality beyond course registration to help streamline and scale your training business. If you […]

  • How to choose the best training solution for your business in 2023

    Ben Mather - August 29th, 2023

    A training solution is the key to success in today’s fast-paced market, and there’s a select few options for training organizations that can propel your business ahead of the competition. Want to know which ones? Read on to learn more. It can be challenging to grapple with what training solution to choose, as quite simply […]

  • LMS vs TMS – what’s the difference?

    Melanie Hall - August 14th, 2023

    LMS vs TMS – what’s the difference? In this article we explore the key differences between learning management systems and training management systems, who uses them, and how they work together to create a unified training solution. Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Training Management Systems (TMS) are household names in the education industry. Both an […]

  • Top Moodle plugin for training providers

    Melanie Hall - August 3rd, 2023

    Arlo is the top Moodle plugin for commercial training providers who are looking to deliver blended learning courses, and to drive efficiencies and scalability in their business. With this powerful software stack at the centre of your training operation, you’ll have a tonne of useful automated features to drive learner engagement and increase your course […]

  • Arlo Change Makers: Tammy Banks

    Melanie Hall - July 26th, 2023

    Do a quick Google search of Tammy Banks and you won’t find the same result twice. Co-founder and director of Taye Training. Homeless teenager. TedX speaker. Author of Amazon bestselling book “Transform your Training”. Former CEO of Re:shape. Chair of Together For Children. Creator of the “Training for Influence” methodology. Lay Member on the Parliamentary […]

  • Arlo is a finalist in the 2023 Wellington Gold Awards

    Melanie Hall - July 20th, 2023

    Arlo is a finalist in the 2023 Wellington Gold Awards and we couldn’t be more thrilled! A finalist in the Technology Gold category alongside four other top-notch technology creators in the Wellington region – Global Seismic Data, Medicly and Upstock. The idea for Arlo was born from founder and CEO John Mitchell’s vision in 2007 […]

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