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  • Arlo Change Makers: Scott D’Amico

    Melanie Hall - March 28th, 2024

    Scott D’Amico was born and raised in Warren, Ohio, a blue-collar town that was greatly affected by the industrial decline of the 1980s. With the outsourcing and offshoring of manufacturing jobs, local factories closed. Scott and his family witnessed mass job losses and the subsequent struggles of the people around them.  Scott’s parents were dead […]

  • Arlo Change Makers: Danielle McGee

    Melanie Hall - October 31st, 2023

    Starting a business is not for the faint hearted. Entrepreneurs face many challenges, obstacles and uncertainty. Black entrepreneurs face even more – having to deal with negative stereotypes, limited funding, perceptions of poor quality products and bad customer service, just to name a few. Danielle McGee experienced all of these challenges first hand when her […]

  • Arlo Change Makers: Tammy Banks

    Melanie Hall - July 26th, 2023

    Do a quick Google search of Tammy Banks and you won’t find the same result twice. Co-founder and director of Taye Training. Homeless teenager. TedX speaker. Author of Amazon bestselling book “Transform your Training”. Former CEO of Re:shape. Chair of Together For Children. Creator of the “Training for Influence” methodology. Lay Member on the Parliamentary […]

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