Salesforce Integration Made perfectly for each other

Arlo’s integration with Salesforce combines the power of the world’s best CRM and the market leading training and event management system. As a duet, it’s the best salesforce event management solution out there.

Explore Arlo's salesforce event management app for training providers

Seamless integration

Automatically synchronize your contacts, organisations/accounts, events, registrations, and leads/opportunities between Arlo and Salesforce.

Arlo integrates with Salesforce so your sales team can see all your business's training information. It's the best salesforce event management solution out.

Training information for your sales team

View all current and historical courses and events from within Salesforce. Event information and registrant’s details are automatically updated including registration, grades and attendance.

Get all your training data in front of your sales team.

Private courses

Open an account in Salesforce and view a list of the private courses you have delivered to the organisation. Access the course and attendee information for each.

Manage your private courses within Salesforce by integrating Arlo.

Other features

Customise and extend

Arlo’s integration with Salesforce has been designed to allow your Salesforce developers full access to training and event information so they can easily extend the solution.

Flexible integration options

Integration settings allow you to select the individual field mappings on each Salesforce object and choose how conflicts between the systems are managed to ensure data integrity.

Run campaigns

Access training and event information to run targeted campaigns from within Salesforce. For example, run a campaign targeting clients who have completed an introductory course but are yet to attend the advanced course.

Capture opportunities

Clients are able to register their interest in an event, private course or other service from your Arlo powered website. A corresponding lead is created which is then automatically passed through as an opportunity in Salesforce for your sales team to manage.

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