Salesforce Integration Streamline training with fast and accurate data

Take control of your training operations with a real-time two-way sync integration between Arlo and Salesforce. Ensure your leads, contacts and organizations are always in the right place. Get set up in minutes, map your custom fields and take advantage of an integration built to empower the delivery of great learning. 

Explore Arlo's salesforce event management app for training providers

Streamline record management

Built on webhook technology, get an instant two-way sync of contacts and organizations between your Arlo platform and Salesforce, ensuring updates and edits to either system are fast and reflected in both platforms instantly. Simplify contact merges and duplicate records with features within the integration that keeps your organizational data accurate and up-to-date. 

Arlo integrates with Salesforce so your sales team can see all your business's training information. It's the best salesforce event management solution out.

Keep your sales team informed

View all your current and historical Arlo courses right within Salesforce. Course information and registrant’s details get automatically updated including registration info, grades, attendance data and more. Get greater flexibility in managing your sales pipeline, ensuring your training leads are sent directly to Salesforce, for your sales team to close. 

Get all your training data in front of your sales team.

Grow revenue and save time

View your accounts full course history in one place you’ll have access to a comprehensive history of your accounts past training sessions. With just a few clicks, you can delve deeper and access detailed information about each course and its attendees.

Manage your private courses within Salesforce by integrating Arlo.

Advanced insights

Welcome powerful recording measures that provide you instant detail on the status of a record. If you encounter errors, you’ll get a detailed log showing exactly when, where and why the error occurred for simple troubleshooting. You’ll save time with accurate details, and free up your key engineering resources.

Other features

Customise and extend

Designed for training businesses, allow your Salesforce developers full access to training and event information so they can easily extend the solution.

Flexible integration options

Configuration individual field mappings on each Salesforce object and choose how conflicts between the systems are managed to ensure data is always accurate.

Run campaigns

Improve your targeting and campaign success, with access to training and event information from your Salesforce platform. Target clients based on specific rules or activity to sell more courses. 

Capture opportunities

Improve the registration experience with flexible forms built into your Arlo powered website. Once a student registers, leads are created and automatically passed through as an opportunity in Salesforce for your sales team to manage.

See how Salesforce integrates with Arlo today

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