Course management Streamline course administration

Automate administrative processes and make everyday tasks easy.

Your team will love Arlo's short course management software system

Trainer, Venue & Room Management See your training schedule at a glance

Manage your entire operation with Arlo’s purpose-built course management software. Find available room and presenters, manage leave, and schedule appointments in no time.

Presenter schedule shows which courses your presenters are taking and when they are free.
Searching for available presenters to take your next course is easy with Arlo course management software.
Arlo's calendar lets your see when your courses are running, which ones are full or not and more.

Course scheduling Manage repeating courses

Does it feel like you are entering the same course information, over and over? Course templates and presets automatically pre-fill this information, making scheduling courses that re-run on multiple dates and locations easy. You can also import your events from a spreadsheet to schedule multiple courses in one action.

Managing a large schedule of recurring courses is easy with Arlo software's reusable templates.

Training delivery formats Choose your delivery format, or blend them

Deliver face-to-face training, live webinar sessions, self-paced online modules, or a blend. Arlo’s course management software has it covered.

Course management software across live online, face to face, blended, the choice is yours.

Automated workflows Go paperless

Attendance sheets are so yesterday! With Arlo’s mobile app, trainers just record attendance at the start. Arlo course management system takes care of the rest, like emailing feedback surveys, certificates, and follow-up offers. Save time, money, and the environment, and keep up with the times.

Automated emails Simplify your communication

Tired of spending hours copying information into emails, checking if you’ve sent that payment reminder or updating customers of changes? Using Arlo you can sit back and relax, emails are seamlessly integrated so your customers and team have the latest information. Make your emails standout with custom styling so your customers will never miss it.

Private course management Manage private courses with ease

Customize training for specific groups, such as bespoke in-house courses. It won’t be published on your website and you can channel communication through a key contact.

Running private courses for individual organisations or groups of people is easy with Arlo course management software.

Task sets Stay organised

The devil’s in the detail, but remembering all those small but important course management tasks is hard! Relax. You won’t drop the ball with Arlo. You can attach task sets to course templates; a task checklist is included for every future course scheduled on that template. Assign them and tick them off when they’re done, so you know you’re on track to another successful course.

Task sets help you to manage your courses with smart software

Registration limits Run profitable courses

Be confident you have enough registrations to cover costs and make a profit. A glance at your dashboard shows how full each course is in real-time. That way, you’ll know early if courses need a marketing boost or if it would pay to offer another session.

Registrations limits ensure that you don't under or overbook any of your courses.

Everything you need

Your team will love using Arlo – every feature is designed to make their day easier.

Arlo's course management user interface makes managing your course from anywhere, simple.

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