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Reduce admin in your business and leadership training organization

Hey, business and leadership training providers! How’s your week going? Busy? Yeah. Me too. 

I’ve been up to my usual tricks – automating thousands of course management processes, managing and storing complex data, and maximizing the impact of training websites.

And by “me”, I mean Arlo. Arlo is a training management system that’s designed to take the headache out of running a training business, by automating all of your administrative processes and helping you sell more courses.

“I felt completely overwhelmed with the volume of admin involved with organizing events. Arlo has helped reduce this. I can replicate events really easily, the waitlist feature is great, and being able to create visibility of our courses through our website means our customers can find information at their fingertips”, says Margarita Sanding, from IRI.

I might be a piece of software, but I prefer to think of myself as a key member of your team. Just look at all the things I can do!

Send your emails.

Arlo manages all email communications for you. You can customize each email and add attachments such as pre-reading. All communication includes calendar appointments so people can add and update their Outlook or Gmail calendar.

  • Send course information, such as venue, date and time, to registrants 
  • Email Zoom webinar details with our smart integration 
  • Easily keep your registrants updated on any course changes
  • Email reminders to registrants when their licence is due for renewal 
  • Automatically email course completion certificates 
  • Automatically send feedback surveys
  • Nurture your leads with smart marketing campaigns 
  • Promote new courses to drive repeat business
  • Build newsletter subscription lists
  • Schedule business reports to send to key stakeholders

Help you sell more courses.

Arlo’s slick e-commerce and marketing tools are purpose-built to grow course registrations. Thanks to powerful automation, you’ll sell more courses without increasing your workload.

  • Create a best practice training website in a snap (or integrate with your existing website)
  • Never update your website again with automatic course publishing 
  • Customize your course catalog and filtering 
  • Customize your online registration process
  • Run smart marketing campaigns to drive repeat business
  • Schedule live online webinars via Zoom, GoToWebinar and more
  • Deliver blended learning courses
  • Create informative reports to drive business intelligence
  • Connect Arlo with your favorite marketing tools, like Hubspot and Marketo

Take a seat. I’ll take the busywork from here.

The average business and leadership training provider who uses Arlo spends 43% less time on administration. That’s not surprising, when you add it all up:

  • Speed up course scheduling with templates
  • Accept online payments
  • Track payments and make reconciliation easy
  • Integrate with your accounting system, such as Xero
  • Easily manage refunds and issue vouchers and discounts
  • Handle multi-regions and multi-currencies
  • Maintain a database of your customers, including their past, present and future course registrations
  • Manage wait lists
  • Enable customers to manage themselves with the online portal
  • Sell and manage private courses
  • Manage certifications and licenses
  • Record and manage daily tasks
  • Integrate Arlo with more than 2000+ other software applications with Zapier 
  • Manage your presenters schedules and sync it to their calendar
  • Create name labels 
  • Manage venues and catering and capture dietary needs
  • Print certificates for course completion

But don’t let this long list of features scare you off – Arlo is incredibly simple to use thanks to the intuitive interface and smart onboarding program. 24/7 customer service, Arlo-U training modules and a comprehensive knowledge base means you’re never short of an answer to your question. 

Need help with something a little more technical? The team at Arlo will work closely with your in-house developers, external agencies or third-party software providers to figure out the best solution for you. Here’s what Luke Gregoyczyk from Ginger had to say:

“Both Arlo and Zapier support teams have quickly answered our questions and helped fix any issues we’ve had. Arlo’s support team have a deep understanding of the integration’s capabilities and have provided ad-hoc consultancy, feedback and feature nuances to help us get the most out of our workflows.”

So that’s it.

Those are all of the things Arlo does to reduce administration and increase sales for your training business. Try it out for yourself with a free 14 day trial. What have you got to lose? Well, other than 43% of your manual processes.

See for yourself why business and leadership training providers love Arlo!

Try Arlo free for 14 days.