Ginger reduced admin by 60% and saved $25k per year

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Training providers in the business and leadership industry are all too familiar with the challenges of manual administration and the hindrance it has on their ability to grow. Find out how Ginger Training and Coaching reduced those manual tasks by 60% and saved US$25k per year on administration costs.

Ginger Training and Coaching is a leadership communications company that specializes in turning terrified presenters into powerful speakers. They have developed CEOs, senior executives and leaders to become inspiring communicators and speakers on global stages like TEDx and Davos. With a focus on connecting with, moving and influencing the audience, Ginger’s three key principles are speak, lead and change. 

Luke Gregorczyk studied in the field of somatics, psychology and mindfulness and is a director at Ginger, as well as their in-house body language specialist. As a senior member of the business, Luke recognized that Ginger needed a full overhaul of their current manual course management systems and processes in order to create efficiencies and enable further global expansion.

But finding a solution that would significantly reduce the number of human processes involved in running their training business seemed impossible. Until Luke discovered the Arlo training management system.


Arlo significantly reduced manual administration

Ginger started using Arlo in September of 2020 and was able to quickly and seamlessly integrate Arlo into their existing website. 

Prior to implementing Arlo, Ginger Coaching and Training was heavily reliant on contract administrators to manage all of the manual processes involved with creating and managing their training courses. And with more than 30 courses available, including Storytelling for Presentations, Introduction to TED-Style Speaking and Speak with Confidence, and hundreds of registrations across multiple regions, the administration was costly and time consuming. 

Tasks included everything from processing registrations, managing presenter schedules, emailing both presenters and registrants with venue and webinar info, issuing vouchers and refunds, handling multiple currencies and tax codes, and more.

But Arlo had key features that Ginger could see would reduce their dependence on manual administration. Automated email communications and calendar appointments, presenter management, course templates, mobile app for presenters, filtering by course type or category, and the ability to create multi-session events are just some of those features that have improved those inefficient processes, saving them time and money.

“Arlo has significantly reduced our dependence on contracted administrative support, saving us £18k per year.”

Luke Gregorczyk – Director

Being a global organization with head offices in London and New York, and offering courses across the US, UK, Europe and Middle East, one of Ginger‘s key requirements was a training management system that could handle multi-region currencies and tax rates, with product support available across multiple time zones.

“Arlo ticked all of the boxes in terms of a global solution for our training business. Above anything else we needed a system that could handle multi-region currencies, tax rates and time zones as those processes made up a huge volume of our manual tasks and was hindering our ability to grow”, says Luke.

As well as their make-do “training management system” of Google calendar, mailbox and various project management tools, Ginger was also using SurveyGizmo, Zoom, Mailchimp and Pipedrive CRM. Arlo’s existing native integration with Zoom was a game-changer for Ginger, as it enabled them to automatically enroll registrants on a webinar course, and automatically send communications with all of the webinar details their customers needed. Another win in terms of reducing manual administration.


Zapier made Ginger even happier

But it’s Arlo’s integration with Zapier that’s been the biggest win for Ginger – enabling them to integrate Arlo with SurveyGizmo, Google Calendars, Mailchimp and Pipedrive CRM. This has removed the need to build any costly or time-consuming custom integrations, has further reduced their dependence on manual administration, and allowed them to use all of their existing software to the fullest extent.

For those unfamiliar with Zapier, it’s an online automation tool that connects your systems via an integration to automate repetitive tasks. By creating workflows, called Zaps based on “triggers” and “actions”, you automatically move information from one system to another without the need for human intervention. No development required, you can create these valuable, time-saving workflows in as little as two minutes.

Using Arlo’s support documentation and library of pre-built Zaps, Ginger was able to build most of the Zaps themselves. For example, the Zapier integration between Arlo and Google Calendar provides Ginger’s team members visibility when courses are running and what courses they’re scheduled to present, in order to avoid conflicts and work more effectively. Using the template library, Ginger built a Zap to update Google calendar when new Arlo courses are created. 

When a new course is created in Arlo (trigger), that information is automatically sent to their presenters’ Google Calendars (action) to keep them up to date with scheduled courses. This Zap was set up in minutes and now works in the background, automatically completing a task that used to be done manually  by Ginger’s contract administrators. 

“Zapier ensures that the information is transferred instantly and consistently between our systems, saving us hours of waiting on team members to complete tasks. I can now focus solely on improving and selling our training without needing to manage or worry about the tasks being completed.”

Luke Gregorczyk – Director

For more complex Zaps, including multi-step Zaps between two or more systems, Luke worked with the Arlo support team to customize workflows to meet specific business needs. He says the team’s understanding of Arlo and Zapier’s capabilities has been invaluable in creating the best solution for their business.

“Both Arlo and Zapier support teams have quickly answered our questions and helped fix any issues we’ve had. Arlo’s support team have a deep understanding of the integration’s capabilities and have provided ad-hoc consultancy, feedback and feature nuances to help us get the most out of our workflows.” Luke says.

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