Exam management software Manage exams with ease

Exam scheduling with online registration and payments – Arlo makes it easy to timetable your exam schedule and automatically publish this to your website to accept online registration and payments.

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Dashboard with real-time activity

View information in real-time. At a glance, see what workshops are coming up, monitor registrations, view workshops people have registered interest in, track the value of orders per month, and manage your daily tasks.

Arlo dashboard with real-time training information.

Manage your exams

Manage all exam information and resources in one place, online, and accessible from anywhere on the web. Track tasks, record notes, send emails, print name labels, and produce certificates.

Manage you exam from one central place. View registrations, venue and presenter information.

Easily schedule exams

Exam templates and presets automatically pre-populate information making scheduling exams that re-run on multiple dates and locations easy.

Easily manage recurring courses and events with templates.

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