Effective training evaluation software

Deepen your understanding of the learner experience by integrating Coursecheck with Arlo. Improve training quality, grow your reviews, boost rankings and deliver measurable business benefits that resonate with your learners.

Gather feedback across all aspects of training delivery formats

Get instant input into the quality of your training with QR codes for classroom training and survey links for online learning, ensuring you’ll always be able to capture feedback regardless of your training delivery method.

Seamless integration

Automate your feedback request processes, maximizing response rates and extending the functionality of Arlo with minimal effort. Information about upcoming events and courses are automatically synchronized with Coursecheck using Arlo’s robust API. Survey forms are then easily generated, pre-populated with all the relevant information including course and instructor details.

Customizable forms designed to engage

Designing a good feedback form is easier said than done. Coursecheck’s training evaluation software provides a simple way to create unique forms for individual courses. Leverage industry expertise with recommended questions that’ll net you further insight into your learners experience.

Clever insights make smart decisions

Analysis by course or trainer, makes it easy to see what’s working well and where improvements could be made. Response rates tell you who’s best at collecting feedback and trend indicators show you where the numbers are heading. Get comment summary reports and negative feedback alerts delivered straight to your inbox paving a way for decisive responses.

Other features

Seamlessly integrate reviews on your website to positively influence your organic rankings in Google. Leverage the best reviews on your website, social media or other mediums to further strengthen the voice of happy customers.

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Collect feedback from your learners in different languages with Coursecheck’s built-in multi-language capabilities.

See how Arlo and Coursecheck work together

Ready to collect and analyze feedback, improve training quality and win new business?