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Who's Using Arlo

Arlo provides the perfect solution for running our Executive Education programmes. Its combination of course management, online registration, website integration and fully featured CRM allows us to manage all our activities within a single software package

Ivan Moss - University of Auckland

Since using Arlo to manage and publish our wide-ranging course offerings around Australia, we have been able to very easily promote and sell course places, communicate with our customers and therefore grow our business.

Sam Maclachlan - Stay Upright

Its helped us to get the people we've got working in this team, working properly together. But most importantly, it's been something that instantly, our customers, our clients and our partners, have been able to use for their businesses.

Colleen Evans McGrory - Waikato Institute of Technology

It's very intuitive in the way it works. The functionality has been thought through. For the kinds of businesses that are running events, dealing with customer and dealing with registrations, it just makes that life so much easier.

Tania McGowan - Victoria

After years of frustrating administration with inappropriate off the shelf systems and homemade excel spreadsheets, we finally found Arlo.

Andy Fairclough - Flying Fish

It’s really easy to create and schedule repeating events and the advanced reporting gives us all the information we need. We've been able to create a seamless look and feel, it easily handles any tactical promotions we want to run and, from an operational perspective, Arlo gives us confidence to deliver to our customers.

Vicky Price - Assurity

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