Arlo helps Taye deliver 4x more training to communities in need

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Taye’s values-led training and their T4I methodology paired with a training management system like Arlo has enabled huge growth for Taye Training. They’ve grown the company x4 and now have thousands more delegates.

Taye Training & Consultancy is a learning and development company delivering specialist training and consultancy to frontline services. The company was formed in 2017 to meet a need in the charity, criminal justice and social care sectors. 

Their purpose is to help organizations deliver exceptional, values-led frontline services that positively impact the lives of the most complex, vulnerable or marginalised people. Taye offers coaching to a wide range of front-line professionals such as police officers, social workers, and people who work with those experiencing homelessness and others with complex needs. 

Their services are delivered by people with lived personal or professional connected experience, and all of Taye’s facilitators use the Training 4 Influence (T4I) methodology to ensure quality, consistent values-led training. 

Fast-forward to 2023 and they now have national contracts, 53 facilitators and 12 central team members across the UK delivering training in over 90 subjects such as safeguarding, leadership, domestic abuse, equity, diversity, and inclusion. And T4I is now an independent qualification which people undertake and deliver within their own businesses and organizations. In fact, the T4I methodology has recently won The Princess Royal Training Award – a royal accolade for impact.

Co-founder and director Tammy Banks believes in the power of quality training to transform lives and this is what led her to establishing Taye Training with her friend Faye Fox. A key part of Tammy’s role is to develop and grow the business – to help them deliver more exceptional training to more people.

The challenge

But before Tammy discovered Arlo, all of their training management was done manually. Attendance sheets, evaluation forms, certificates, invoices, communication with learners, facilitators, delegates and organizations. The list of manual tasks was long. 

Then came Covid-19 and lockdowns and Taye had to transition their 100% face-to-face training to live online to ensure frontline services were not without their vital training. But it added even more manual administration – setting up courses in Zoom, sending out joining information and Zoom links, contacting delegates and facilitators, and sending reminders.

Manual administration had grown to an insurmountable volume, and Tammy no longer had the time to focus on growing and developing the business. 

They reached out to an external business consultant for help. 

The solution

One of the consultant’s recommendations was for Taye to adopt Arlo – a training management system. A system that Tammy now says they “can’t imagine being without”.

“Arlo has helped us to grow as a business and allows us to focus on creating high quality training. We can’t imagine being without it.”

The result?

That long list of manual tasks has reduced drastically – from hours to minutes.

“Setting up a training course, including sending joining information and Zoom links, contacting delegates and facilitators, sending reminders, certificates and follow up information can be done in minutes rather than hours.” says Tammy. 

Arlo’s integrations with apps such as Zoom and SurveyMonkey have not only reduced administration for Taye, but has also provided a smoother customer journey. 

With Arlo’s Zoom integration Taye can easily create a live online course, or add a live online session as part of a blended course, using Arlo’s scheduling tools. Once scheduled in Arlo, these are automatically created in Zoom – no manual action in Zoom is required. 

Course registrants automatically receive join instructions as part of their registration email – as well as a calendar appointment, reminders, follow-up emails, and surveys. When the live online session in Zoom is complete, attendance is automatically recorded against the customer’s record in the Arlo CRM.

Less administration for Taye and a seamless course experience for their learners – who rely on this training.

Organizations within the criminal justice, social care and charity sectors have limited resources, including financial, staffing and time. Keeping their courses at an affordable price to ensure quality training is accessible to all of these organizations is something that Taye won’t compromise on. By delivering significant cost savings and allowing Taye to focus on growing their business – Arlo has enabled this.

Taye’s values-led training and the T4I methodology paired with a training management system like Arlo has enabled huge growth for Taye Training. They’ve grown the company x4 and now have thousands more delegates.

“We have grown the company x4 since using Arlo and have thousands more delegates. Part of this is due to now delivering national tenders for public services which we couldn’t do without a training management system.”

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