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Mack Boring & Parts Company is a leading provider of innovative power and propulsion products to both marine and industrial equipment markets. The company provides technical engine training for all their expansive network of dealer technicians around the United States and in the Caribbean. Arlo has partnered with Mack Boring to manage their training courses from promotion, to selling and finally delivering.

Prior to using Arlo, Mack Boring were encumbered with vast amounts of manual administration in order to provide their training. Registrations from technicians were taken over the phone or via email. From there the team would chase down credit card details and manually push the payment through Paypal, then again through their ERP system. Finally Microsoft Excel is introduced to schedule the courses and record registrations. If anything were to change, this would need to be manually updated to reflect reality.

Our training registration process prior to Arlo was incredibly time consuming and required many manual processes

Mary Beth Johnsen – Administrative Manager

The Arlo Solution

After implementing Arlo much of the pain caused by this manually run system was reduced. Within Arlo it is easy for Mary Beth and her team to schedule recurring courses, and categorize them based on manufacturer. Prerequisites for their classes, instructor information and other pertinent details can all be added for the customers’ benefit.

Arlo’s WordPress plugin was used to integrate the backend management platform with the Mack Boring website. This allows customers to register and pay for courses online, with all order information and financials flowing back to the team in Arlo’s back end. Arlo also helps them to manage capacity, as every registration is recorded against the spaces available. Once capacity is hit, there are no more registrations to be taken.

Mack Boring are also able to get a snapshot of their businesses within a matter of moments with the Arlo dashboard. The team can easily see the current orders, what has been paid, how many leads are being generated and get an overall picture of how the training arm of the business is performing.

The Arlo Dashboard is an amazing tool. It allows us to ensure all accounting and payments are received, track leads for our classes, see all our orders and run reports for each and every class. These tools have saved our Team an incredible amount of resources and time

Mary Beth Johnsen – Administrative Manager

The results

Sense of ease

Compared to the Excel spreadsheets used in the past to record registrations, and multiple occurrences of data entry to keep all systems aligned, Arlo has brought real ease to the process. Everything from taking registrations online, to scheduling courses and then analysing performance on the dashboard can be done with minimal manual intervention. This helps Mack Boring to manage all their registrations and makes it easier to scale upward as the company grows.

Better payment options

By taking registration and payment online, there is no delay in receiving payments, and if the registration is invoiced, this is automatically sent out. For Mack Boring, this means better cash flow and less risk as payment is not as reliant on manual chasing. “The payment processing allows us to track every transaction in a timely manner for accounting/collections,” said Mary Beth.

More efficient flexibility

Any changes such as a transfer in registration from one date to another was extremely hard to manage prior to using Arlo. Now switching an attendee to a new date or scheduling another registrant in their place is far easier. This makes it easier to provide a better customer experience, and remain flexible to unexpected changes.

ARLO delivers an automated platform to maximize training scheduling with incredible efficiency and price performance.

Mary Beth Johnsen – Administrative Manager

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