Business as usual for Springhouse during COVID-19

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Using Arlo training management software, Springhouse staff can work remotely without disruption during COVID-19, enabling them to continue delivering a wide variety of live online courses to corporate and IT professionals.

Springhouse provides technical training, consulting, and support services to the corporate end-user and IT professional. Their course curriculum keeps pace with the evolution of computer technology, project management, and professional development. Allison Dhuy is the Vice President of Operations, serving as a member of the senior management team, providing leadership and direct strategic support of the company.

Allison ensures the efforts of the sales team, operational staff, and resource pool are coordinated in a highly efficient manner and convert to customer desired deliverables, results, and value while maximizing profitability for the company. So, you can imagine that a long, tedious and manual process for managing training courses and registrations was not at all in-line with Allison’s or Springhouse’s goals and objectives. But a “tedious task of many steps” is exactly how Allison describes the process – until they discovered Arlo.

“Implementing Arlo greatly reduced the administrative tasks that had been associated with managing student registrations while increasing our incoming cash flow.”

Allison Dhuy – VP of Operations

Springhouse first considered Arlo as a solution when they were researching options for a website redesign. Arlo fit the bill for all their leading functional requirements, including the ability to manage registrations for face-to-face training courses, live online deliveries, and self-paced elearning.

“When we began researching WordPress plugins, almost all of them were specific to event management and online ticketing. Arlo was the only solution that was a true training management system that allowed us to formulate our calendar of classes taking place in the classroom and online, assign instructors, and process student registrations for both public and private training engagements.”

Having online courses as a functional requirement from the get-go means that Springhouse’s transition to exclusively live online training during COVID-19 was an easy move, and means that their customers are already familiar with this style of learning. In March, as new regulations under COVID-19 became imminent, Springhouse swiftly announced that every single one of their instructor-led training programs would be delivered remotely in its entirety,  using live online remote access for students. Behind the scenes, Arlo’s remote training software was powering this new regime.

It’s mostly business as usual for their course instructors who are working from home too. All Springhouse instructors are fully prepared to support the attendance and participation of remote students through the use of online technology for all courses, and are proactively reaching out to their audience throughout the class to confirm that they are following along without question or issue.

And for the staff at Springhouse to continue managing and delivering their courses and registrations while working remotely? Well….

“Since Arlo is a cloud-based service, website registrations continued to funnel into the app and our entire staff is still able to work. Using Arlo from home is no different than using it from the office so there was no requirement to adapt.”

And on the flipside of the coin – with many of Springhouse’s usual customer base also working from home, they’ve had corporate clients reach out wanting to maximize on their employees’ downtime with remote private training.

“Remote working is the perfect opportunity for employees to upskill via online training courses, as it may be less disruptive to business.”


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