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“There seems to be a million technology options out there, so making the technology choice is significant”

Colleen Evans McGrory – Marketing Manager

Wintec Te Pukenga is one of New Zealand’s leading institutes of technology. With six campuses they are also a leading provider of high quality, vocational and professional education. Wintec partners with many employers in the Waikato region. Their professional programs have helped numerous employers develop their workforce and grow the community. Courses range in topics and skills from Barista training, to computer software training, to licensed plumbing certifications.

Selecting a training management system proved to be a significant decision for Wintec. With a long list of requirements, key to the decision was the system’s ability to integrate with their existing systems, including their website. To improve registrant experience it was also essential that the adopted system makes registering and paying for a course quick and easy.

“It was the best decision Wintec have made”

Michelle Pearse – Professional Programmes Representative

The Arlo Solution

Wintec adopted Arlo’s training management software in 2017. Within months Wintec experienced a significant improvement in their professional programmes across the board.

Wintec opted to use Arlo’s JavaScript Webcontrols to dynamically display their course information stored within Arlo onto their website. The Webcontrols allow training providers to integrate Arlo seamlessly into their existing website, no matter what the CMS. The Arlo solution was completely reskinned to match Wintec’s brand. The best part is that all changes within the Arlo platform are automatically updated in real time on Wintec’s website.

Wintec also use Arlo to manage their private courses as well as their public courses. Private course management is commonly required for professional education providers. Arlo allows Wintec’s website visitors to enquire about running certain courses in-house. As a professional course provider it is also crucial that Wintec are able to track who has completed which courses and the associated PD points. Among the many course management features Arlo has to offer, Wintec use Arlo’s Certifications tool. Arlo will automatically remind clients when their certification or license is about to expire and then create and track the renewal. All licensing information is recorded and can be searched for online.

Arlo’s SurveyMonkey integration allows Wintec to generate feedback from their courses. Alongside the advanced reporting tools Arlo offers, Wintec is able to gain insight into their business and make more informed decisions.

The Results

Business growth

Overall the adoption of Arlo has helped Wintec to grow the number of annual registrations they receive by almost 100%. With Arlo, it’s easier to run new course offerings and manage rooms and presenters. Wintec has also found that the solution has been able to “get the people working in this team working properly together.”

Premium user experience

Arlo has helped Wintec to improve the registrant’s experience from the website to completing a course. The website integration has “really helped getting all of the learners registered at the same time, with one quick and easy process… even through to billing,” says Williams. This seamless user experience online is accompanied by useful automated communication with registration details and reminders. With surveys and advanced reporting Wintec is able to take feedback, financial data and more to make improvements to future courses.

Increased course offerings

Since adopting Arlo Wintec has been able to increase the number of public and private courses offered. More courses contribute to an improved annual registration number. But it also enables Wintec to continue making a positive contribution to the local Waikato community in new skills.

“In order for Wintec to stay current and meet the needs of industry and be very agile and responsive a software just like Arlo has been helpful”

Lennie Williams – Business Development Manager

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