How Stay Upright used Arlo to double registrations

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Stay Upright is a leading provider of motorcycle rider training in Australia. Founded in 1981, the organisation has over three decades of training experience enabling motorcycle riders to reduce their risk when riding.

To provide market leading training, Stay Upright were looking for a consolidated training management system. One that helped them promote, sell and deliver their courses and integrated with their website and Xero account. Prior to implementing Arlo, Stay Upright found it difficult to keep up with the numerous activities involved in managing training courses. For the company specifically, managing course attendance from the track as well as government reporting for pre-licensing examinations, were major requirements. “Consistent scheduling, taking payments online efficiently, marketing options, reporting options” were all difficult elements of managing their offering said Sam Maclachlan, Business Development Manager.

The Arlo Solution

Arlo’s training scheduling is designed to assist those who run a large number of repeating courses. For Stay Upright this is important as course templates removed the need to constantly recreate courses. Arlo’s Xero integration reduces administrative tasks further as the full two-way integration automatically creates invoices, tracks payments and provides easy reconciliation. Arlo’s website integration reduces a large amount of website maintenance for Stay Upright as any changes to courses made by administrators are automatically reflected on the company’s website. Stay Upright is able to promote courses further by generating leads and capturing interest for courses from their website. This allows them to manage and track interest in a course, capture ideas for new topics, and manage general enquiries. Stay Upright have benefited from Arlo’s comprehensive reporting abilities. Stakeholders gain visibility into the performance of the business and the government’s reporting requirements for pre-licensing examinations are met. Arlo’s mobile app for presenters is critical to Stay Upright’s operation. The app allows Stay Upright to record attendance from the track and view all registrant information such as emergency contact details. “Having all our courses in one spot and linked to the website and Xero makes for easier management.”

“Since using Arlo to manage and publish our wide-ranging course offerings around Australia, we have been able to very easily promote and sell course places, communicate with our customers and therefore grow our business.”

Sam Maclachlan – Business Development Manager

The Results

Increased reporting for informed decisions

Stay Upright can now better evaluate the performance of the company both at a macro and micro level. Reports tracking the number of registrations or trained customers by region or course give valuable insight. This data allows Stay Upright to make informed business decisions. The reporting also assists Stay Upright in providing the Australian Government with pre-licensing data.

Improved registration and check-in experience

Prior to the course, the registrant’s experience is seamless as they easily find a suitable course and receive all information automatically. Arlo’s mobile app has significantly enhanced the check-in experience for both presenters and attendees. Stay Upright presenters can record attendance and see registrant details from the track, with all information automatically available on the Stay Upright management platform.

Integration of disparate systems

Arlo’s Xero integration reduces time spent on administration as invoices are automatically created in Arlo and Xero. When Stay Upright creates or changes a course, there is no administration involved in updating their website as the website integration automatically displays all course information in real time.

Lead generation

Stay Upright is able to determine whether new courses can be run, based on demand from their lead generation with Arlo. No registrant is missed if there isn’t a suitable location or time available for them. They can easily register their interest and receive Stay Upright’s marketing material.

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