Humentum can focus on learning, not registrations, with Arlo.

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Judith Mumford, Learning Platforms Director at Humentum

Humentum is a leading global nonprofit working with humanitarian and development organizations to build and support operations that create equity, accountability, and resilience. Humentum offers training for individuals and teams and provides consulting to strengthen organizational performance. Membership at Humentum brings together over 270 organizations to form a community offering knowledge-sharing and advocacy to improve the sector.

We chatted to Judith Mumford, Learning Platforms Director, to find out why they chose Arlo.

Why Arlo?

“As a global training provider, Humentum required a platform that would integrate with our other software services such as Salesforce and AccountsIQ. The chosen platform needed to provide support for different forms of training. The solution needed to handle the logistics of course scheduling, bookings, reminders and payments, working with currencies and taxes across different countries. All of this needed to be wrapped in a seamless brand experience.”

“Arlo scored the highest out of the vendors because of the ease of use by the customers, its ability to manage the payments, and also the functionality for events”.

How were you managing your courses before implementing Arlo?

“The actual process was very much the same in that we set a schedule of courses for a period, loaded them into the system, pushed them to a webpage and then managed registrations through the system. The challenge came with things like invoicing, as the formats weren’t working, large groups were struggling to get an invoice that would allow them to have more than one page showing all the registrations. Arlo has fixed this. The credit card process is easier, as is our ability to process them.”

Describe your onboarding process with Arlo

“This was made so easy by Arlo. We were guided through what we needed to do on our side, the help site is very useful and the support desk is very responsive, which meant we could set up our side with ease. To get the events to display on our website we gave the web team at Arlo a tough challenge of needing it done in 6 weeks, and when you are a new customer, that is a big ask. They sailed through, kept us regularly updated and, when needed, we were able to meet. I liked the feedback mechanism and how you can review it on a separate site and make edit requests. Overall I honestly felt they made what is usually a very painful process painless.”

What key success have you achieved since implementing Arlo?

“The amount of help-desk requests that we have to answer. The old system was taking up so much time having to help so many customers navigate their way through registration. We saw an immediate drop in support tickets and this frees up time for the team to work on customer outreach and interest generation.”

“The course templates make it much easier to create one template with multiple events under that one course. No need to edit or duplicate anything, just plug in the new dates and away you go.”

Has Arlo increased your registrations/helped your business grow?

“Not yet, as we were hit by COVID-19 which affected how we delivered training and other core business processes. This year is our biggest growth target and I am confident that Arlo will be able to support the processes while we focus on marketing and getting customer registrations. If I had to worry about how they register this would mean burning out a team that is going to be driving hard on marketing and outreach, so I am glad we can just let Arlo manage that for us.”

“They make it easy to focus on delivering the learning and not worry about how they get to the learning in the first place.”

Key benefits of Arlo

With Arlo, clients can register for Humentum’s training courses and pay by credit card or request an invoice to pay by bank transfer. Integrating with Stripe through the Arlo platform means that clients can also choose to pay invoices by credit card (a common practice in the US).

A further integration with AccountsIQ enables Humentum to easily keep track of all transactions in one place. Orders are automatically sent to AccountsIQ when they are triggered by a customer.

With the business side taken care of, training tools such as Zoom, Zoom Polls, Breakout Rooms, Whiteboards, Mural, Annotate Tools, mentimeter, and Google Docs are also integrated, allowing Humentum to deliver world-class training at scale. Arlo’s broad range of available integrations, has given Humentum one solution for their training business.

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