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Founded by two teachers, Maths Pathway is an Australian company with a bold mission: to create a world where every student experiences growth and success in maths. Since the company was born in 2013, they’ve set out to achieve their mission by developing a Learning and Teaching Model that assists teachers to deliver personalised learning to their students. Today Maths Pathway is in more than 250 schools, used by 2,200 teachers and 57,000 students.

Maths Pathway offers a raft of events, professional development programs, retreats and conferences for teachers as part of the model. The first encounter most teachers will have with Maths Pathway is at their ‘trainer retreats’ — a two-day event to introduce the Learning and Teaching Model to new teachers. An exclusive conference, PATH, is also held for Maths Pathway teachers each year. It provides an opportunity for the community to connect, learn, upskill and to celebrate maths. Open to all teachers are Maths Pathway’s professional development courses, which are delivered by experts on topics like Rich Learning.

Before adopting Arlo, Maths Pathway were not using a system to manage their courses and events. Every administrative task was completed manually. Everything from creating and sending invoices, generating certificates, sending out follow-up emails and more. Furthermore, the website solution wasn’t dynamically updated with course information. All events and courses were manually updated and displayed online with a PDF. This not only was a huge administrative task, but also had a negative financial impact on the business. Because invoices had to be sent manually, the time it took to receive payment would vary, meaning cash flow would fluctuate.

The Arlo Solution

Leanne Waller, Maths Pathway’s Event Specialist, was brought on board as the company created its Events Department. The department was created to upscale the events and courses delivered, both volume and quality. To assist in doing this, the team adopted Arlo’s Training Management Software. From the outset, Arlo began to shine as it took the simple administration tasks that were once done manually, and automated them.

This included automating the generating and sending of invoices, email communication with registrants and presenters as well as taking care of certificates and name tags.

Website integration also eased the load on Leanne and her team. With Arlo’s WordPress Plugin, the old event PDFs were in the past. By entering course or event information in a template once, Arlo automatically updates the Maths Pathway website with any future instances. If anything changes (e.g. an event start time), Arlo knows about it. Information is updated on the front facing website immediately.

Upon registration, Arlo automatically sends out an invoice, requiring payment to be made within 14 days. The effect this has on the business’s cash flow is immense as money comes in directly with no manual follow-up required.

Arlo’s web integration has helped Maths Pathway a lot, just put the information in once and Arlo does the rest

Leanne Waller – Events Specialist

The results

Reduction in manual administration

With Arlo simplifying and automating a number of manual tasks, Leanne and her team have more time to focus on things that drive revenue. “Arlo saves us from doing things manually. It’s just a matter of a few mouse clicks and I don’t have to think about it again,” said Leanne.

Improved financials

Automated sending of invoices post-event means there are no unnecessary delays in getting money in the bank. In the past delayed sending of invoices due to the numerous other tasks may have delayed the time it takes to get cash back in the business. Now with Arlo, registrants receive timely invoices, payment is tracked, and registrants can pay online easily. Better cash flow means Maths Pathway has the funds readily available to invest back into their business.

Systems in place to grow

The Events Department for Maths Pathway was initiated with the expressed goal of scaling up their courses and events. Prior to adopting Arlo this would have been very difficult to achieve, with the amount of manual administration, the lack of marketing tools and the hard to manage website. Arlo has streamlined many of Maths Pathway’s processes and given them the tools to increase registrations. “Arlo has allowed us to easily triple the events if we wanted. The systems are in place to give us more capacity,” said Leanne.

Arlo has allowed us to easily triple the events if we wanted. The systems are in place to give us more capacity

Leanne Waller – Events Specialist

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