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Econsultancy is a global business filled with marketing and ecommerce experts. It offers research and analysis into the latest marketing-related thought leadership as well as providing world-class digital marketing training, to help businesses improve their digital marketing skills, build better teams, boost performance and deliver results.

Econsultancy provides a variety of recurring face-to-face training courses covering a range of topics. Whether it’s a “Fast Track” 2-day intensive course on agile digital project management, or a “Masterclass” on advanced data, there is a course for every marketing professional. They also offer customised in-company training solutions and online training, allowing learners to access content wherever they are.

Before transitioning to Arlo, the face-to-face training team at Econsultancy were struggling to operate a custom-built legacy system. The system proved to be hard to use, and limited the team ability to schedule courses, manage registrations and produce effective reports.

The Arlo Solution

The Training team were thrown Arlo as a solution very quickly. Having not been heavily involved in the procurement process, the team were apprehensive when approaching this new system. However, after implementation and some training, Arlo has proved to offer Econsultancy a complete solution to manage their training offering.

Alongside the new training management system, Econsultancy also rolled out a new WordPress website. The WordPress plugin was the perfect solution for displaying their courses online and taking registrations and payments. The WordPress plugin allows them to seamlessly display all their courses online. “End users are finding it much easier to self serve and make their purchases online”, says David Littlejohns. Website users can register and pay for the courses they wish to attend at the click of a button, across multiple devices.

We are seeing far more people checking out with credit cards, which means the money is coming in up front. From a commercial perspective this is really good.

David Littlejohns – Head of Face-to-Face Training

Arlo also makes it easy for administrators to set up discounts to encourage more registrations. To encourage website users to register for events early, Econsultancy often uses earlybird discounts. These are set up in Arlo and automatically finish depending upon the time period which the administrator sets. Everything is taken care of by Arlo in terms of how it is displayed online and how this appears on checkout and invoicing.

Finally, Econsultancy were very impressed with the ease in which it can access training data via Arlo’s reporting tools. At the press of a button administrators can get an immediate snapshot of sales data and performance. “Reporting has been a real triumph”, says David Littlejohns.

The Results

More time to grow the business

Much of the functionality provided by Arlo has enabled Econsultancy to reduce a significant amount of manual administration. “Arlo frees up so much more time for us to finesse other parts of our business”. The website solution makes it far easier for users to register for courses online by themselves rather than calling or emailing the team. Arlo sends out automated communication confirming registrations, providing course information and notifying registrants and presenters of any changes. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Arlo takes the manual tasks involved in running a training business, automates them, giving you back your valuable time to grow your business.

More upfront payments

Because it is easier for Econsultancy’s website visitors to self serve and convert into paying customers, the business has seen an increase in the number of people paying online with credit card. Commercially this is brilliant as this means money is coming in up front improving cash flow.

Sales data, just one click away

With the reduction in manual administration, the team has more time to spend growing the business. Arlo compliments this further by giving Econsultancy the reporting tools they need to gather insights into their business. Information like this can help them to analyse what courses are performing well, where demand for new courses is coming from, and give a much clearer picture of where improvements to the business can be made.

Arlo frees up so much more time for us to finesse other parts of our business.

David Littlejohns – Head of Face-to-Face Training

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