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Since 1977, TMMI has been the trusted supplier of electrical control equipment and software to manufacturing companies. Their five application engineers have over 75 years of hands-on application experience. TMMI also offers a raft of training across the hardware and software, throughout the United States and Canada. If travel is a struggle, they offer live online training identical to the traditional instructor-led training.

Before adopting Arlo, TMMI used an alternative system to manage their courses. The team struggled to maintain their website with accurate course information as the legacy system did not integrate well with their CMS. Therefore, an immense amount of data entry had to be completed, just to display the right information. Any changes to their courses, meant more data entry and less time growing sales.

The lack of integration between the TMS and website CMS also meant TMMI found it difficult to manage the registrations they received. With no duplicate management functionality, many of the repeat customers would register for other courses, and be created again within the TMMI CRM. From there, the administrators would try their best to tidy up all the duplicate records, a time-consuming task that took away from more important activities.

Once a registrant had registered on the old system, TMMI would manually send out reminder emails to every registrant. Again, another labour intensive task.

The Arlo Solution

Arlo took very little time to transform TMMI’s business. Implementing Arlo’s Website Technology was both easy and seamless. With no change in front-end functionality, and precise matching to the existing brand, the TMMI web visitors would have known no change had been made. Because TMMI offers a lot of recurring training, Arlo’s template functionality made a huge difference. By entering the courses information once into a template, any future instance of the course automatically gets updated on the website, with no human intervention. Arlo’s smart website technology also helps to link registrants with their existing records, if they have already registered in the past.

Following a registration Arlo will automatically email the registrant with course material, reminders, follow-up surveys, invoices and any changes to the course.

Compared to the prior system, Arlo also gives the TMMI team a much clearer picture of how their business is performing. With advanced reporting, TMMI can get under the hood of their business and gather key business intelligence, such as: what courses are most profitable or which presenters have the highest registrant satisfaction? The Arlo dashboard gives you everything you need to know at a glance. “The dashboard makes it super easy for me to see what courses we need to promote more because we don’t have enough registrations,” said Britney Weller.

The dashboard makes it super easy for me to see what courses we need to promote more because we don’t have enough registrations

Britney Weller – Events Coordinator

The results

Streamlined processes

Before using Arlo, running a training course was bespoke every time. The processes were manually completed and time-consuming. Now TMMI has the benefits of a system that is built for training providers who offer recurring courses. “Arlo has streamlined our processes and actually created a template of how trainings should be run. Before Arlo it was different every time,” said Britney Weller. The team at TMMI can now focus on growing their business rather than maintaining it.

Increased capacity to open up new markets

Because of the recurring nature of the courses TMMI offer, a system like Arlo is great for expanding the volume of courses produced. With Arlo’s template functionality and venue management, the business has been able to expand its course offerings and enter the Canadian market. Arlo is a scalable product and efficiency gains only increase as more is pushed through the system. TMMI can simply add the new venues, select the dates, and then start taking registrations right away.

Improved customer experience

Arlo’s automated email communication not only saves time, but gives TMMI’s customers constant updates. As soon as a customer registers they receive their course information immediately, no delays. Any changes to the course, are automatically communicated out to your registrants with all the updated information. Customers know exactly what’s happening and when, they are always in the loop. “From a customer standpoint, the communication has been brilliant. It’s been more accurate and frequent”, Weller described.

Arlo has streamlined our processes and actually created a template of how trainings should be run. Before Arlo it was different every time

Britney Weller – Events Coordinator

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