How Arlo helps JFS deliver impactful healthcare training at scale

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JFS Care needed the right software to deliver life-changing training to thousands of caregivers across LA County. With a CRM, automated emails and seamless integration with Zoom, Arlo was the winning solution for JFS to deliver impactful training at scale.

When JFS Care came across a State of California funding initiative for caregiver training there was little doubt in their minds that they should apply. The funding initiative aligned with JFS Care’s core mission: to see caregiving recognized for the important role that it plays in society and see more people choose caregiving as a career. With an ongoing caregiver shortage in the USA, lack of available training and education opportunities, and no clear career pathways in the industry, it’s an unquestionably important mission.

But the “little doubt” in their minds was just one niggly question…

How would they scale their training from small in-person classes of 6-8 delegates, to thousands of delegates spread across LA County?

Thankfully, they knew another health and safety training provider who had done just that: Homebridge. And Homebridge had a simple solution to their problem: Arlo!

A few months on from that conversation and JFS Care’s training operation looks completely different. They received the grant and they implemented Arlo quickly and efficiently into their business.

They’re now offering a wide range of caregiver training from in-home care training, to food and nutrition support, administering medication, grooming, palliative care, mental health and more. They provide career development and pathway opportunities – for caregivers to move from in-home care to roles in surrounding services to help support and deliver that care. And they’ve already trained 140 caregivers in the first two months.

“We’ve already trained 140 caregivers in two months. We would not have been able to train that volume without Arlo.” – Merrie Beth Boatright.

Merrie Beth is the Chief Operating Officer at JFS Care and has two key focuses in her role: ensure that JFS is providing a top-of-the-line care experience for their clients and their families, and create an engaging and rewarding work environment for JFS’ staff.

Arlo has helped her deliver on both fronts.

Scaling their training operation has meant that JFS has had to hire eight more staff internally –  providing employment to people who weren’t already working. And Arlo has made those staff members’ jobs easier. And they’ve been able to learn how to use the platform quickly and easily as it’s so user-friendly.

“Arlo is a very user-friendly platform. Everyone says their software is user-friendly, but it doesn’t mean that it is. Arlo truly is.” Says Merrie.

Merrie says the Arlo Help Center has been a great resource for help, and when they did have outstanding questions, the customer service team at Arlo always made time to get on a call to help them work through any issues.

Live online is a winning recipe for JFS

JFS Care is also now able to offer different learning options – face-to-face, live online and self-paced learning. Which means JFS Care’s geographically-dispersed delegates across LA County now have equal access to their training.

“Arlo has enabled us to offer three different types of training delivery – in-person, live online and self-paced – through one platform. And we’re now able to deliver training to people who otherwise would not have had access to this type of training”, – Merrie Boatright.

Live online has been the most popular learning option so far – with JFS delivering twice as many live online courses as they do in-person. Merrie says live online has been more popular than self-paced learners because learners want to be able to interact with each other and the instructor.

And with smart integrations to the Arlo platform, such as Zoom, training providers like JFS Care can run live online sessions seamlessly. Live online sessions are scheduled in Arlo and then automatically created in Zoom – no manual action in Zoom is required. Course registrants automatically receive join instructions as part of their registration email and when the live online session in Zoom is complete, attendance is automatically recorded against the customer’s record in the Arlo CRM.

And with Arlo as a complete CRM, JFS now has all delegate records in one place, can generate reports on course performance, schedule presenters and run automated email campaigns.

Merrie’s passion has always been in healthcare, but when she started at JFS Care she fell in love with the passion caregivers have and how hard they work. What gets her out of bed every morning is the opportunity to assist them to gain confidence in their industry and go further in their career. With Arlo, Merrie can now deliver impactful training at scale.

“Caregivers are happier, more secure and safer when they’re educated and feel confident in what they’re doing. The same for their clients. We wouldn’t have been able to deliver training to thousands of delegates without software like Arlo.” Says Merrie.

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