Customer Relationship Management Get close to your customers

A CRM built for training providers; track course activities, capture and nurture leads, and manage client records and relationships.

A complete CRM for training providers

Sales pipeline management Manage and grow your sales pipeline

Capture leads from your website and through outbound sales campaigns, then nurture and grow each opportunity.

Elearning Track learning outcomes

Record and track attendance, course completion, grades, and results. Produce reports for the individuals and for their manager, department, or organisation.

Manage elearning in your CRM for training providers

Salesforce Integration Using Salesforce? We’ve been expecting you

The Arlo for Salesforce plugin lets you harness the power of both Arlo and Salesforce, synchronize contacts, organisations, leads, courses, events, elearning and registrations.

Arlo integrates with Salesforce CRM so training providers can see all training information.

Beautiful software

We think hard about how we can make Arlo is easy-to-use and intuitive. That’s why people rave about it.

Every contact's information can be easily viewed and edited with Arlo's easy to use interface.
Every contact's information can be easily viewed and edited with Arlo's easy to use interface.

Account management Single view of a client’s activities

Arlo helps salespeople track activity within their accounts by offering aggregated views of notes and emails. Arlo’s also packed with other account management tools such as the Account Manager Activity, all designed to make it easy to stay on top of your accounts.

Aggregated views of notes and emails mean training providers have visibility of an account in the CRM.

Data management Automatically build your database

Arlo automatically builds and maintains client information for you. When a person registers for an event or course on your website, Arlo matches the contact with an existing record in the database and updates the details. If the contact doesn’t already exist, a new record will be added.

Arlo CRM keeps your training database clean with smart duplicate management.

Other CRM integrations Connect & conquer

Ensure customer data is centralized across your business by connecting Arlo with your CRM.

Integrate SugarCRM with Arlo for the perfect solution to manage your contacts, accounts, and opportunities.
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Integrate Zoho CRM with Arlo to manage your client relationships and opportunities.
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Combine the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with Arlo’s market-leading training management system.
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Connect Infusionsoft with Arlo for the best CRM and training management solution
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Arlo's integration with Salesforce combines the power of the worlds best CRM and the market leading training and event management system.
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Custom fields

Add additional fields to contacts, organisations, and other entities. Include these fields on your website registration form to capture the information when a person registers for a course or event.

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Document management

Store documents against contacts and organisations. Your team will then be able to access and download them online anywhere and anytime.

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Duplicate management

Arlo displays a list of possible matches to choose from to prevent a duplicate from being created. If a duplicate is created, no problem: Arlo allows you to easily merge the records and will copy all associated items from both records.

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Manage sales opportunities

Manage and track each of your sales opportunities. Give them a rating, record the value and estimated close date, store quotes and proposals, and record notes and tasks.

Manage newsletter subscriptions

Arlo allows you to manage your newsletter subscribers, including capturing interest topics and preferred delivery methods.

Manage account hierarchy

Record parent and child relationships on organisation records and configure default billing entities for each.


Record notes on contacts and organisations and create associated tasks. Assign tasks to other people in your organisation.

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Communication log

View a log of all communications sent via the system and forward or re-send if necessary.

Powerful search

Arlo’s powerful search tool allows you to find what you are looking for fast. It intuitively ranks your results and includes helpful links to associated items such as current event registrations.


Use tags to describe and categorise contacts, organisations, and events. For example, tag important contacts with the term “Key contact” or “Decision maker”.

Automatically link contacts to organisations

Arlo uses intelligent logic to automatically add the email domain used for linking contacts to the organisation. Making it easy to see and manage all contact belonging to an organisation.


Add flags to contacts and organisations so that a special note is displayed when you open the record or add them to an order.

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