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Arlo + Salesforce: the best of both worlds

Recently updated on July 14th, 2021

Training and event organizations using Salesforce alone don’t get the full picture on registrations and demand levels, or the ability to properly manage the day-to-day aspects of event management.

Arlo is excited to be launching it’s refreshed Salesforce app, Arlo for Salesforce. Over the last few months Arlo’s development team has been working hard to build an app to revolutionize how training and event organizations use Salesforce. Salesforce is the leading CRM globally and a large number of training and event organizations use Salesforce to store their registrant’s contact information.

Why would you use Arlo and Salesforce?

Arlo’s integration with Salesforce combines the power of the worlds best CRM and the market leading training management system.

Arlo itself has an inbuilt CRM that works well for many training or event providers. However, some large organization such as universities, membership organisations and large corporates require the power of a fully featured CRM. What Salesforce lacks is the ability to manage the promotion, commercial and delivery elements of a training or events operation.

Arlo is specifically built to take online registrations, promote courses or events, manage recurring events and presenters, and deliver live or elearning courses. This functionality is vital for training or event organisations to grow and the information produced is helpful for salespeople to gain insight into opportunities and close more deals.

Arlo for Salesforce app features

Arlo for Salesforce empowers your salespeople to close more deals. Within Salesforce, view completed and upcoming events, current and historic registrations, along with attendance records, grades and feedback comments on contacts and accounts. This information is automatically populated into your Salesforce instance directly from Arlo.

Features include:

Event dashboard – customizable Salesforce dashboard with a summarised view of your event activities.
Event lists – access a default set of event lists or create your own custom views.
Registration lists – view recently received registrations and create additional custom views to meet your requirements.
Event records with registration lists – view all information including the venue, location and presenters.
Contact record with registrations – registration information is directly connected to a contact and visible on their record.
Account record with private courses – private courses run for a specific organization are linked to the the Salesforce Account and visible on the event tab.
Opportunities – training and event related leads generated from your website automatically appear as Salesforce opportunities.
Pre loaded reports – access a range of preloaded reports or create your own custom reports from the event data.
Ready for you to develop further – event and registration data is stored in seperate database tables which your Salesforce developers can easily access and integrate into your Salesforce solution.

What’s new and coming up?

Arlo’s latest development on the Arlo for Salesforce app has focused on custom fields. You can now create and store custom fields against a number of entities such as contacts, organisations, events, registrations, and leads. Using the app, you can configure custom field mapping which allows Arlo to send this information to Salesforce automatically. Other features are currently being developed, so watch this space.
How to get started?

Unlike many other training and event management software, we don’t think you should pay extra to integrate your Salesforce instance with Arlo. Arlo for Salesforce is free to install from the AppExchange. You are able to use Salesforce with your Arlo platform on any of the Arlo plans.

For more information on the Arlo for Salesforce app check out our Support Documentation or contact us today.