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6 Important things your training organisation should not forget

On average businesses lose $13.5 million per 1000 employees every year due to inefficient training (Grovo). In the busyness of managing an offering of courses many training providers get overwhelmed with administration, forgetting elements that will help their registrants learn. By providing a complete training management system from face-to-face solutions to elearning, we see and help many organisations with this struggle. We’ve put together 6 of the most important things you should not forget to help you help others learn.

Your website experience matters

When a potential registrant comes to your website, they expect a clean interface and easy navigation. Users don’t want to work hard to find a relevant course. Take retail shopping as an example. We have all been to a retail store where the shop floor is cluttered and prices are hard to find. Our experience is negative which often means we give up and go to the next store. For training providers, it is the same, your website is your shop floor. If your course dates and prices are not up to date, or your website is not mobile friendly, you are risking losing business. Don’t forget about your website experience.

People want to pay

It sounds shocking, but people do in fact want to pay for your courses. Unfortunately for some providers, their website visitors choose not to pay because they cannot do so easily. Online registration has to be easy for your website visitors. Forms shouldn’t be cumbersome to complete, and they should ideally match your brand. Many training or learning management systems don’t offer the ability to take payment, or customise registrations forms. To use our retail store example, imagine you find everything you need, you make your way to the till and every terminal is broken. You want to pay for the items, but through no fault of your own you can’t. Make sure your online registration and payments facilities are both reliable and easy to complete.

Too much communication is always better than too little

Are you sending out manual communication? Many training providers still are sending out email communication by hand which leaves room for error. A good training and learning management solution will enable you to automate your email communications. With Arlo, any required information like reminders, schedules and prerequisite information is sent automatically to your registrants. Any changes, delays or cancellations can be automatically emailed out or communicated via text/SMS. Whether you use a training management system or not, make sure you communicate to your registrants well in advance, even if you do risk over communicating. Registrants want to come to your courses prepared, it is key to providing a great experience.

Commit to measurement before investment

When thinking about improvements to your training operation, do not begin something without properly understanding how you will report and measure success. Many training organisations race to design and implement improvements to their offering, without properly scoping what success is. Whether you run a deal on course, or decide to offer a new type of course, you must know what and how you will measure success. Are you able to report accurately on registrations and attendance? Are you able to send surveys out to gather feedback post course? Can your website gather leads to understand demand? There are many more questions which you will need to answer depending on what investment you are making. Without the measurement though, you risk wrongly attributing success to failing initiatives or halting investments which are profitable.

Elearning benefits everyone

Since the turn of the millenium elearning has grown 900% and the LMS market is on track to be worth $240 billion by 2023 (elogic Learning). Elearning improves the experience of your registrants because you can use multiple methods of learning. Learning management solutions like Arlo for Moodle allow you to deliver self paced courses and include quizzes, SCORM objects, videos and other online activities. Not only will your registrants appreciate a more personalised learning environment, your business will gain a competitive advantage. You can deliver elearning without presenter so there is no time or location restrictions.

Your business apps need to play nice

Many training operations forget that one of the most important components of any application is how well it integrates with other applications. Organisations are spending large amounts of time re-entering data into multiple disparate systems. It doesn’t have to be like this. Arlo seamlessly integrates with your other business applications like Salesforce, Arlo, Campaign Monitor and others.

Make sure you remember these ideas and implement them into your training organisation. In doing so you’ll be running a much more efficient business, spending less time on administration and having more time to grow your business.