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With Arlo at the center of their real estate training business, OneBlue has reduced manual administration and increased registrations.

Based in Florida in the United States, OneBlue Real Estate School delivers a range of classes for real estate professionals – from pre-license and post-license courses, to compliance, lead generation and mastering brokerage. OneBlue prides themselves on their small class sizes, their experienced instructors who are actively practicing real estate brokers, their range of study options and available resources, and their promise to their learners – if you don’t pass the class, you can take it again for free.

Before transitioning to a career in real estate, OneBlue founder and CEO Kevin Johnson racked up 17 years of leadership experience at Disney and Hilton Worldwide. His leadership skills and desire for exceptional experiences in the hospitality industry have transferred to teaching and brokering in the real estate world. With diligence and dedication, Kevin has forged the way for world-class learning at OneBlue and invested in the right software to set them up for future success.


How Arlo met all of OneBlue’s requirements for a training management system

Before implementing Arlo, OneBlue staff were manually processing course registrations, manually updating information on their WordPress website and manually marking courses as full. They were using a number of disconnected systems to manage their training business, including WordPress for their website, Gravity forms for registrations, spreadsheets for logistics, and Salesforce for their CRM. Because none of these systems were integrated, staff were manually replicating information between the systems and scrambling to keep on top of it all. 

When OneBlue first approached Arlo in 2017, they were very clear on their key need for a training management systemreduce our manual administration so we can spend more time growing our business. Kevin sent through a requirement list of integrations from the get-go, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Arlo ticked all of the boxes for his real estate training business. The key requirements were a WordPress integration for website, Salesforce integration for CRM, Stripe for payments and Zoom for webinars. Kevin was also pleased to see that Arlo had a native integration with Moodle as they were looking to add eLearning to their course offerings in the future. 

“When I discovered that Arlo met the requirements for all of OneBlue’s existing system integrations, my first thought was “what’s the cost?!”. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the integrations were free, well documented and publicly available for in-house or external developers to use.”

Kevin Johnson – CEO

With these smart integrations there is no manual updating of information between systems, and with Arlo acting as the hub for OneBlue’s training business, everything is managed from one central place. The registration and checkout process is a seamless user experience, with Stripe integration for accepting credit card payments. Once the transaction has been completed, customer details, registration details and payment status is sent straight back to Arlo where a new contact is automatically created, or an existing contact is updated. |

And Kevin’s favourite feature? Arlo’s course templates. Because of the repetitive nature of OneBlue’s courses, using templates means they can quickly replicate a course across a range of dates and delivery methods. Courses are automatically listed on the website with the click of a button, and customers can view all courses in the course catalog or filter by date, format or location. When it comes to format, customers have the option to choose between instructor-led classroom, instructor-led live online, or self-paced learning. 


From costly manual processes to reduced admin and business growth

Since implementing Arlo, OneBlue has gone from one instructor to five instructors, three courses to over 30 courses, and 15 registrations to hundreds of registrations a month. A staggering amount of growth in less than three years, which Kevin says would not have been possible without Arlo.

“I could not even begin to calculate the immense savings on course administration thanks to Arlo. We would definitely need a full-time team member (or two) to handle registrations and course management without it.”

Kevin Johnson – CEO

But Kevin doesn’t take OneBlue’s leading position in the real estate training market for granted. With an industry sales pass rate of 40%, and broker pass rate of 52%, Kevin was keen to do whatever he could to ensure a much higher success rate for his students. 

“We believe it’s important to help students prepare for the Florida real estate exam by isolating the areas they are most struggling with and drilling down into those specifics. We are so confident in our ability to help you pass the class exam, that if you fail the first time you can retake the class at no charge. We stand behind our commitment to you.” Kevin says.

OneBlue knew they needed to deliver their courses in an engaging and easy-to-understand way, and at the same time cater to a range of different learning styles. The answer was to develop a range of online resources to support classroom learning and help students pass the state exam. The exclusive study aides include practice quizzes by chapter, crosswords and word search puzzles for vocabulary, math video tutorials, and more.

“Our goal has always been to deliver our content in a fun, engaging, and easy-to-understand way. We want our students to truly understand the content and how it applies to the real world, not just memorize facts to pass an exam. After all, once licensed, our students will be helping consumers with the largest financial transaction of their lives”, says Kevin.

And if OneBlue’s students require help beyond what’s provided in the license course, they have the option to purchase the on-demand exam prep course on a monthly subscription plan, or the 2-day state exam boot camp. Both courses utilize a range of study techniques that are proven to increase knowledge retention and help learners pass the challenging exams. The eLearning modules include short 3-5 minute videos that focus on specific topics, more than 700 downloadable flashcards, quizzes, a math formula guide and two practice exams.

These blended learning courses are inline with OneBlue’s commitment to helping students pass their real estate exams, while also bringing in additional, scalable revenue for the company.

And with an average of 4.5 stars on Google and Facebook reviews, the average customer coming back to complete three courses with OneBlue, and less than 5% of students needing to repeat a course, it’s clear that the OneBlue approach is one that works.

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