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How do you compare training management software?

When choosing the right software for your business, it’s important to compare training management software to see how the solutions stack-up in terms of price, functionality, customer ratings, reviews, and more. But in an online world that favours advertising and sponsorship, it’s often deep pockets that win out over product performance. So we decided to put Arlo head-to-head with our main competitors, to give you a genuine, unfiltered view of available solutions in the market.

I’m sure you get pitched by a million different products and services. 

There’s a lot of noise in the market. Your email inbox is flooded, your LinkedIn feed is full of targeted ads, and your Google searches are infiltrated by paid results promising the best solution for your business.

So how do you filter through that noise to find the right software for your training organization?

Software comparison sites like G2, Capterra, Crozdesk, GetApp and SoftwareWorld go some way in helping you compare features and read real customer reviews. But that’s still a LOT to filter through.

So, to make things easy for you, we’ve pulled together a list. A list of the five other training management systems that Arlo so often goes up against when training providers are looking for software to manage their business. 

We know it seems a bit crazy to hand you a list of our top competitors, but we’re seriously that confident that Arlo will come out on top. Every time. 


  • Transparent pricing. Our pricing is listed clearly on our website, with scalable options to best suit your needs. Our pricing is fair and competitive, so we’ve got no reason to hide it. Unlike some of our competitors.
  • 3000+ integrations. Arlo integrates with more than 3000+ software applications, many thanks to Zapier! Most other solutions integrate with ten or less.
  • Free 14-day trial. We think you’ll love Arlo, so we’re happy for you to take it for a spin for free. 
  • Personalized demo. That’s right, a REAL conversation with a REAL person. We won’t fob you off to a recorded demo or product overview page. One of our consultants will talk to you to understand your unique business needs and the challenges you are facing.
  • Implementation and training. Our comprehensive implementation packages ensure you and your team are set-up for success with Arlo. And if you haven’t used all of your allocated training hours we’ll keep reminding you to book in a time. Because we’re invested in your success too.
  • World-class support. Our support team is spread all across the globe, so you’re guaranteed to talk to someone locally. We have multiple locations to store your data too – with AWS data centers in USA, Canada, Ireland and Australia you know your data is safe with us.
  • Blended learning. Arlo seamlessly integrates with Zoom to deliver live online webinar, and almost any LMS so you can offer eLearning too!

Those are just a few key differences about Arlo that you won’t find with anyone else. That’s why you’ll never find a list like this on our competitors’ websites.

Speaking of, here are those competitors now…

Compare training management software


About: Eventbrite is a ticketing and event technology platform that helps businesses organize and sell tickets to events online while helping people discover events that fuel their passions. From workshops to concerts to conferences to world-renowned film and music festivals, Eventbrite houses events of all shapes and sizes. Eventbrites powerful platform, which can be accessed online or via mobile apps, scales from basic registration and ticketing to a fully featured event management platform.

Arlo was built to manage a program of recurring, instructor-led training, not one-off events. They’re completely different right? Sure, Eventbrite is great if you’re managing music gigs or big conferences, but their software just wasn’t designed for training providers. Eventbrite is not designed to help you schedule courses at scale, deliver blended learning, process complex orders and payments, manage waitlists and transfer bookings – to name just a few daily tasks. Arlo’s DNA is training, so our focus is the big challenges facing training teams like yours.

And because Eventbrite is designed for those one-off events, the pricing doesn’t quite work for training providers who have a steady flow of business.  Eventbrite will take 2-7% of the course price, but with Arlo you pay a monthly license fee, plus a $1-$2 fee per course registration. It works out much better for you that way.


About: Accessplanit learning and training tracking software centralises your training operations, gets your entire business rowing in the same direction and allows you to delight your employees and learners.

Of the five competitors, Accessplanit is the most comparable to Arlo as we have a lot in common in terms of functionality. While Accessplanit chooses not to list their prices, Arlo’s is all available to view online. So there’s no surprises! Our pricing scales with you; it’s based on the size of your team and volume of training you deliver. We also keep our implementation fees well below Accessplanit, as we’re committed to setting you up for long-term success.

While Accessplanit only integrates with four other software applications, Arlo integrates with 3000+! You can hook your training system up to a CRM, such as Hubspot, Zoho and Salesforce. Automated workflows and relationship tools make it easy for our customers to drive repeat business. Or, send info to accounting systems like QuickBooks. Invoices and credit notes flow seamlessly between Arlo and where you process financial information. Those are just a couple of the integrations that are possible with Arlo, helping you streamline your training business even more!


About: Administrate’s award-winning LMS provides learners with a cloud-based, device-compatible experience for maximum training value. Custom learning paths and reporting against business objectives help you demonstrate training ROI. The ability to manage instructor-led, virtual, and blended learning experiences within one platform means resource and budget savings.

Clearly articulated in the description, Administrate was born out of a learning management system – software designed to host and display online learning content, not take registrations or increase sales. Arlo was built to help training companies sell more training. That’s why we’ve developed best in class ecommerce functionality and awesome marketing tools. Everything we do is to help commercial training providers sell more. With Arlo, you know you’re getting a training management system that was purpose-built from the start. We are a true TMS. Right from the get-go. And we just get it.

Our customers get it too. Arlo has higher reviews than Administrate across ALL of the major software review sites. Check out Arlo’s 4.6 rating compared to Administrate’s 3.2 rating on G2.


About: Create better virtual events with Cvent! Use our virtual event marketing and management platform to get the most out of your online events. Our powerful and flexible tools will help you drive attendance, process registrations, and capture actionable insights. By using Cvent for your virtual events, you’ll have all the data you need to prove and improve the ROI of your full events program in one consolidated and comprehensive platform.

Another piece of software that focuses on event management such as conventions and conferences, not training. While it will do the trick for online registrations, payments and ticketing, you’ll be left short-changed when you need to add multiple dates and locations to one course, require advanced scheduling for presenters, venues and rooms, or need the option for public or private course management, or a combination of face-to-face, webinar and eLearning.

Arlo’s CRM also maintains a full record of all training undertaken by a learner and their organization, making it easy to see the full history of every customer and nurture leads. You can manage certifications and training contracts, track course activities, and send reminders when they’re due to renew their licence or complete the next stage of training. Helping you sell more courses.

Event Espresso

About: Event Espresso is a cloud-based event management tool which assists firms with guest registration, data collection and attendee management.

Event Espresso was built as a WordPress plugin – they don’t have a separate management platform like Arlo does. Like Event Espresso, Arlo has a WordPress plugin too, but we also offer other website technologies, such as Web Controls or API, so you’re not locked into WordPress if it’s not your first choice. Check out our wide range of world-class training provider websites in our website gallery.

What’s also different about Arlor’s WordPress plugin is that our pre-built pages and widgets can be radically styled to match your brand. Change the layout, colours, buttons, fonts and so much more! Use your own web team or engage our in-house experts to bring your ideas to life. An on-brand website ensures a seamless experience for your customers, a proven way to increase sales.

Front-end aside, the real differences between Arlo and Event Espresso are in the back-end functionality. Arlo is built for training management, while Event Espresso is built for event management. With a focus on one-off events, their software just wasn’t designed to help you schedule courses at scale, manage blended learning journeys and report on business performance – to name just a few daily tasks.

That’s the technicalities out of the way, but a great way to compare training management software is with customer reviews. So what are training providers actually saying about Arlo? Here are some REAL reviews that we’ve pulled in from around the web….

Arlo reviews

“One of the biggest positives when it comes to the Arlo software is the automated features. Our office used to spend a lot of extra time communicating small details and follow through just to make sure information was shared with our registrants at the proper moments. Thankfully with things like a wait list with a programmed process we do not have to keep track of those details manually.”Allison W. Office Administrator

“Arlo really makes our life easier, we use it to manage all our paid training courses and also track attendance of participants of other events. Arlo is quite easy to understand, it doesn’t take long to explain it to new staff members and has intuitive handling. The articles on the support page are great, I find it very easy to follow the instructions and discover new features of the software. Their customer service is also great, the support team is very quick and so far could solve all our problems.”Vivian B. Training Coordinator

“Using arlo has meant that we’ve consolidated all of our payment methods into one platform, eliminated multiple spreadsheets recording attendees and also eliminated the possibility for human error at our end. The best things are the payment platform, the app for my mobile when I am at an event – so easy to record attendance or grab an attendees number to check in on them if they haven’t arrived.” Jade B. Implementation Manager

“The ease of usability, Arlo integrates extremely well with our WordPress platform allowing for a lot of flexibility when it comes to managing a significant number of public & private training events. The support team is always quick to answer.”Anton R. Training Department

“Before Arlo, I was creating and printing certificates of completion manually each week. It was time consuming, paper consuming, and not practical. Now, Arlo has allowed us to switch over to electronic certificates. The Arlo support page is unlike any I’ve ever seen. It walked me through step by step how to create templates and upload them and catered specifically to our needs.” – Anonymous. Administrator in Education Management

Ready to see for yourself why so many training providers love Arlo? Arlo is the only training management system that offers a free 14-day trial. Why? Because we’ve got nothing to hide. 

We back ourselves and truly believe you’ll love Arlo. Get started with your free trial now to see how it can transform your training business.

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