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Avoid these Training Pitfalls – Part Three

It’s not only the teaching that matters!

Our experience was far from the seamless experience we help our clients achieve. Having excellent teaching material is not enough to grow your training business. Many organisations forget the check in experience of their registrants. Or more commonly, training organisations do themselves a disservice by disregarding valuable data. The Arlo team recently attended a training course and found both these factors to be lacking.

Checking in registrants

Upon arrival, we were presented with a piece of paper in which we were asked to write our name and initials. There was no enrollment verification and no record of who was attending! This is a big issue for many training providers who use manual processes to record attendance and enter data. The cost of these paper-based processes is immense. They take time, increase the possibility of inaccurate data and offer a poor user experience.

Arlo’s mobile app easily allows presenters to mark attendance or attendees to mark themselves as present. This information is automatically synced back to the registrants record on Arlo’s inbuilt CRMor to your Salesforce CRM with Arlo’s Salesforce integration. The experience is fast, accurate and easy, reducing the time it takes for registrants to check in. Your customer is our customer, our goal is to provide the best customer experience for your registrants.

Using data to create value

Business intelligence is gold! Understanding your target market down to the specific course gives your business valuable insight. This information can help your marketing team generate promotional material that will attract attention. It will help your sales team identify likely prospects. It will help your content team formulate training material that addresses the registrants needs. Finally, it will vastly improve your registrant’s learning experience. Knowledge of what courses they have attended, allows you to provide them with an individualized learning path and encourage them to attend advanced courses to further up skill. By recording registrant information on paper, you are limiting the amount of data you can generate and increase the likelihood of incorrect entry or loss of data.

Arlo’s extensive reporting allows training administrators to report on an individual’s learning. This information could help your clients grow the level of professional acumen within their employees. For professional development and certified course providers, the data that can be captured with Arlo will help you manage professional development points and issuing certification. From a beginners licence for a motorcyclist to professional development for nurses, Arlo’s reporting can show you exactly what is next for your learners.

The benefit of data analysis goes further than managing learning paths and certification. Information on what courses your clients have attended will help you promote other courses which they might be interested in. Arlo’s campaign management tool allows administrators to run targeted campaigns to promote a specific course.

How are you managing checking in and data entry? Save yourself time, money and give your registrants a better first experience. The training company we attended could definitely use a training management system to streamline their operation. Learn more about how Arlo could help you streamline your attendance.