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Create a great looking website in no time with Arlo’s powerful web technology.


This video covers Arlo’s smart web technology, which will allow you to promote your training and events like never before.

It will help you Save time, Reduce costs, Be found on Google, and ultimately – grow sales.

We offer two website solutions. With Arlo’s built-in website you can go live today. Or alternatively, integrate Arlo into your existing website to create a seamless experience. We’ll cover this second option first.

The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland run a short course program for professionals. It’s a separate department from their main degree based courses. Arlo powers the entire operation; from the frontend website, through to their backend CRM. The University offers a wide range of courses within a variety of topics. There’s something for everyone.

Each course page includes an overview, information about the course, and the dates for when it will be running next. All the information is managed within Arlo, so there’s no double-entry of data. Visitors can learn more about the facilitators running the courses by viewing their profile pages on the website. The University has included a calendar page on their website too. At a glance, visitors can see when the courses are running next for each topic.

Web controls

Arlo lets creative people build cool websites. Create great looking website pages in no time with Arlo’s powerful web control technology. Whatever your brand, your Arlo-powered website can seamlessly reflect it. And what’s more, you can use this technology on any website no matter what CMS you’re running.

Arlo website

Is your website due for an upgrade? Or are you keen to start promoting and selling your training and events today? No problem! Arlo includes an easy to use website builder. Let’s explore it! Arlo’s built-in website is packed full of features. Include a course and event search Display your upcoming courses Offer flexible delivery options such as:

face to face,

live online webinars,

private onsite courses,

and on-demand elearning

Promote an event or conference, Advertise the topics you offer, And include striking images that match your brand – whether professional or playful.

It includes an upcoming events page. Course catalogue with filters and interactive elements. A page for promoting private courses, where visitors can complete an enquiry form. When it’s submitted, your sales team will be notified and a lead will be generated in Arlo. Do you run webinars for live online training or sales demos? No problem; Promote, sell, and deliver webinars with Arlo. And then once you are done, create a recording and sell it through Arlo as well. Looking to offer elearning? That’s covered too. Promote your catalogue of elearning courses through Arlo. Arlo displays your full list of courses and then lets visitors drill down on specific topics. You saw the course catalogue and schedule pages on the University’s site earlier. The Arlo website includes these pages as well. Apply filters to filter items. Hover over items to see more details. All the information a person needs is at their fingertips. Help visitors find what they are looking for quickly, with Arlo’s powerful search. It’s optimised for courses and events, so visitors can see when and where they’re running. Arlo’s course and event pages are fully featured. If you offer professional development or continuing education points you can promote these on your course pages and throughout your website. Promote automated discounts. If there are only a few places remaining, Arlo will let the visitor know they need to register now before they missout. If an event is full, Arlo will start accepting people onto a waiting list. When a place becomes available, the next person on the list will automatically be notified. Customise the page to include special sections such as ‘Prerequisites’. Get everyone talking on social media. Arlo lets people ‘like’ and ‘share’ your courses. And follow you on your social media channels as well. Brighten up your site with images. Add images to course pages to create appeal. And include images in your course catalogue and upcoming events pages too. The Arlo website is fully responsive and looks great no matter what device you’re using.


Integrate your site with Google Analytics and start tracking visitors on your website. Know where people are coming from, the pages they’re looking at, and the time their spending on each.

Do you do online advertising through Google Adwords, Bing ads, and Facebook? If so, link it with Arlo to track your campaign performance.

Having a cool looking websites isn’t enough though. You need to make sure people can find you when they go looking. Don’t worry, Arlo has SEO covered too.

All these smart tools will lift your website to the top of its game.

Next, you will need a checkout so that you can accept registrations and payments online from your customers. Conveniently that’s what the next video is about, so stay tuned!