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  • GDPR and Arlo lead forms

    Jonathon Corlett - 17/09/2019

    Does every web form now require an explicit opt-in consent tick box? This article explored your legal basis for capturing and processing data.

  • Five campaign ideas to sell training to past attendees

    Melanie Hall - 19/06/2018

    5 campaign ideas to sell more training this year by focusing on your existing customer database rather than increasing your advertising budget to attract new business.

  • Creating focus with buyer personas

    Melanie Hall - 19/06/2018

    What buyer personas are and how you can implement them at your training company to get a clear idea of who your target customers are.

  • Cows to help you prioritize which courses you run

    Melanie Hall - 18/06/2018

    Introducing the BCG Matrix – What it is and how training companies can use it to better understand which courses are stars and which are not.

  • NPS for training organisations

    Melanie Hall - 24/05/2018

    How your training organisation can measure potential growth, benchmark yourself globally against other businesses in your industry, and better understand your registrants experience using Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Six ways to reach data zen

    Melanie Hall - 16/04/2018

    Data is at the heart of any training or event organization. It fuels every part of a successful operation. How can your organization better manage its data?

  • Data privacy, GDPR and how Arlo can help

    Melanie Hall - 16/04/2018

    This article focuses on GDPR. If you haven’t already explored what GDPR means for your training or event organization, this article is a great place to start.

  • Learning management system vs TMS… what’s the difference?

    Melanie Hall - 14/03/2018

    What does an LMS and a TMS actually do, do you require both? This article explores just that, as well as what your training businesses might need.

  • 6 Important things your training organisation should not forget

    Melanie Hall - 14/03/2018

    Businesses lose $13.5 million per 1000 employees every year due to inefficient training. We’ve put together 6 of the most important things you should not forget to help you help others learn.

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