May 2019 Product Update

Product Updates

Join us as we fill you in on our latest Arlo Training Software Product Update. New features this release include the first version of our customer portal and an update on the Arlo website.


Hi Arlo Community, welcome to our May Product Update.

Customer Portal

Today we are super excited to be releasing the first version of the Customer Portal.

It’s been a long time coming, you guys have asked for it, and now we’re delivering! Our customer portal is a lot like your Amazon or Ebay shopping cart-style web experience and your customers will love it.

Once logged in, it will be easier for them to register for a course as their information will be pre-populated. They’ll also be able to see all of their upcoming and completed courses, check course instructions, download certificates, see waiting lists they’re on, update their personal information and more.

How many times a week do your customers email or phone your team wanting to cancel or transfer their registration to another time, or location? Our data shows it’s a lot! Customers can now cancel a registration or transfer themselves to another date.

Taking a step back, the Customer Portal is all about empowering your customers with self-service and freeing up your team to focus on more important things that will grow your business.

Currently the Customer portal is only available on the Arlo Website, but will soon be available if you’re using our other web technologies.

Give it a test drive in your Demo Company and if you get stuck, check out the Help Center or email us at

Arlo Website

Last year we launched a modern, cutting edge replacement to the legacy starter template… the Arlo Website. And it’s way better…

  • It’s mobile-friendly… so you can give your website visitors the best experience across all devices.
  • It’s customisable without a web developer… you can choose from a library of pages and widgets, and style them to match your brand.
  • It’s self-service enabled… your customers will be able to login to your portal and manage their own training.
  • It’s Google-optimized… it’s built with the latest SEO techniques at the forefront, so when someone goes looking, your website is found.
  • It’s future proofed… all the upcoming features, such as collecting deposits at checkout, and the customer portal you just saw, will be built for this website solution.

Now, from 31 December we will no longer support our old ‘Starter Template’ technology. If your website looks a bit like this <screenshot>, you will need to upgrade your website before then, and as just mentioned, there are many reasons to do so much sooner!

You can either do this yourself, or if you’re super busy or want a designer’s touch, our web team can manage the entire process for you. To help you upgrade ASAP and start reaping the benefits of this world-class web experience, we’ve halved the price of our web team package until 30 June.

To redeem this offer, email And as always, do it yourself documentation is available in our Help Centre.


That’s about all from me.

Next release keep an eye out for customer portal enhancements. Having released the first version to market, we will continue to roll out new functionality, such as support for elearning and the ability to view orders and invoices.

Partial payments is a complex feature that’s super important to get right. We are working through the final touches to this, as well as working through our Xero integration to make sure it all works seamlessly.

For those that are using our Moodle and Salesforce plugins, there are some updates coming as well – so keep an eye out.

That’s it.

Some minor enhancements and bug fixes will be rolled out alongside the features you saw today.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

See you next time!