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Our team of experts can help you set a strategy to navigate this new training environment, develop self-paced elearning content that complements your instructor-led sessions, and upskill your team.


COVID has has a big impact on the training industry.

It’s transformed many aspects of our lives and has brought on a big shift in the way people learn.

As we all stayed home, it was no longer possible to use the face to face delivery model most of our clients rely on.

And as the saying goes…necessity became the mother of invention. Our clients found new ways of delivering their products, they also learned about online best practice.

As we spent our time working virtually, we also learned what doesn’t work. Spending our days on Zoom calls or working totally independently isn’t the answer. We’re all humans and social interaction, sharing experiences and learning from each other, is a big part of the process.

That’s why modern, best practice learning is a blended journey. Learning delivered in short, sharp experiences, across a mix of delivery methods, and a strong connection to our peers, is where we need to be.

Blended learning makes perfect sense, but it can be difficult to execute, particularly if your team has spent their careers designing and delivering face-to-face learning.

That’s where me and my learning design team come in! We offer a range of services to help you every step of the way.

First up, we can take you through our strategic discovery process. We’ll deep dive into your goals, challenges, opportunities, target audience and your current course deliverables, then make recommendations on how to move your learning to blended delivery. This step is all about getting the foundations in place before you start building anything new.

Then, we can work with you on content creation. Our experts can help refresh your existing courses, or create entirely new ones. Whether that’s online, face-to-face, video, or virtual – we’ll bring your learning to life!

We can also upskill your people, so they can create their own best practice, high-quality, learning. We’ll share our proven learning design toolkit and can provide ongoing mentoring.

My team will guide you through the process and provide our expertise in the area that will give you the most value.

I’ve been a learning designer for 20 years and can honestly say there has never been a better time to reinvent your learning delivery.

We must evolve to stay relevant, but change also brings opportunity to stand out from your competitors and meet the needs of modern learners.

To learn more, speak to one of our team and we’ll arrange a time for a call.


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