January 2019 Product Update

Product Updates

New features this release include automatic sending of certificates, the new contacts user interface, and lead form customization. Explore our new feature request forum too.


Happy new year Arlo community and welcome to our January product update.

Today I’ve got a bunch of exciting developments to let you know about, that are sure to change the way you manage your training business.

Automatic sending of certificates

Arlo already helps you generate, manage and send professional-looking certificates to the people you’ve trained.

Now you can automate the sending out of these certificates.

When creating an event in Arlo, you can now specify when a certificate should automatically be sent. This can be, if the event has been completed, if they attended, if they pass their final test, or when their order has been marked as paid.

From the event screen, you can also manually send these certificates out.

And on the registration tab you can see which certificates have been sent already, and how they were sent.

If you’ve already created an event and selected the wrong certificate trigger, don’t worry!

You can always change the trigger action and then retrospectively apply the change to all past registrants who have been through the course.

New Contacts UI

Our developers and UX people continue to sharpen and improve the Arlo user interface. In this release they have updated the contacts screens.

The updates makes it much easier to view your contacts’ details, registration history and organisation information. The toolbar also makes it easier for your administrators to take action on a contact.

The updated user interface will be available on every platform, just opt-in when you see this message, and you’ll be able to give it a test drive.

Lead form customization

We’ve now added the ability to for you to customise the lead forms on your website.

Arlo helps training businesses grow their sales pipeline through smart lead management. Arlo’s lead feature allows you to manage and track interest in public and in-house events, capture ideas for new topics, and manage general enquiries. When there are enough people interested in an event, schedule it and and ask the leads to register.

Now, from your Arlo platform you are able to customise your lead forms. Add the fields you require, create new question sections, and preview your changes on your website.


New feature requests

Customers are at the heart of everything we do at Arlo, including our product development. Right from the smallest niggle to the largest power feature, we need your input to guide our development roadmap.

We collate these ideas in the New Feature Requests forum, which can be found in the Arlo Help Centre.

So jump in, add a comment to ideas you agree with, or create a new post if you’re the first customer to think of something.

The lead form enhancements we talked about earlier were plucked from the forum, and other great ideas are currently in development, so get involved!

Wrap up

There will also be some minor enhancements and bug fixes that are rolled out alongside the features I’ve told you about today. You can expect to see these changes in your platform in the next few days.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email sales@arlo.co and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

One quick reminder, for anyone in London over February, Arlo will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies conference. This is Europe’s leading conference for all things learning. We would love you to come and meet our team.

But that’s enough from me, thanks so much for tuning in today.

Have an awesome day.