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Top 10 training organization integrations

Planning courses, finding available presenters, booking venues, emailing registrants, invoicing attendees, sending reminders and follow-up comms, responding to customer queries and creating marketing campaigns to grow your business. Phew! There’s a lot to do in a day when you’re a training provider. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate it? 

With Arlo’s training management system integrations you can create automated workflows to manage simple manual tasks. Freeing up your time to focus on what’s more important!

Here are our top 10 integrations for training providers; a mixture of comprehensive native integrations built in-house by team Arlo, and simple Zapier integrations that you set-up yourself with actions and triggers.

Top 10 training organization integrations:

1. Zoom

Combine the world’s leading web conferencing software with Arlo’s software for training companies. With our native integration it’s intuitively easy to use Arlo and Zoom together!

Once it’s set-up, just create the webinar in Arlo, including the date and time. Arlo will then use these details to create the Zoom meeting, including automatically adding presenters and support staff to the webinar. These details will be sent to registrants along with the webinar join link and webinar instruction emails.

The benefit of using Arlo in conjunction with Zoom, is that Arlo looks after the e-commerce piece of the puzzle. Arlo captures registrations and payments on your website, while Zoom software delivers the training course.

Find out more about the Arlo and Zoom integration.

2. Mailchimp

Keep your email marketing lists and communications up-to-date with this Zapier integration between Mailchimp and Arlo. When a new contact subscribes to a newsletter or registers for a course in Arlo, it will automatically add/update a new Mailchimp subscriber. Then set-up automated communications in Mailchimp, triggered by actions in Arlo. For example, send an email to complete a survey when someone completes a course.

It’s never been easier to update your email lists and communicate with your customers.

Find out how to connect Arlo to Mailchimp.

3. Xero

With Arlo’s native integration with Xero you can accept payments online by credit card, invoice, account, and bank transfer and integrate the information between both systems. It makes daily reconciliation of payments easy by automatically matching payments received to outstanding invoices generated from Arlo. It makes reconciling daily credit card payments easy as well!

You can also manage discounts, easily process refunds, track payments, issue invoices and auto-correct billing entities.

Find out more about the Arlo and Xero integration.

4. Moodle LMS

Arlo’s native integration with Moodle allows you to promote and sell self-paced online, face-to-face, live online, and blended courses. In Moodle, deliver self paced courses and include quizzes, SCORM objects, videos, and other online activities. In Arlo, automatically enrol on Moodle courses and get live visibility on their progress.

Find out more about the Arlo and Moodle integration.

5. WordPress

Arlo’s native integration with WordPress makes it quick and easy to create an engaging website experience for your customers. Flexible designs are customizable to suit your brand. Data seamlessly flows between the two systems – including online course registration and checkout. Mobile optimization and enhanced SEO make it the most popular integration with our Arlo customers.

Find out more about the Arlo and WordPress integration, check out our implementation services and pricing. See how other training providers are powering their websites with this integration.

6. Hubspot

Automatically send information between Arlo and Hubspot with the Zapier integration! Create new contacts in Hubspot from new contacts in Arlo, to keep all of your customer information up to date. Set-up triggers for new contacts, new events, new deals, new products and more so you can send personalized communications from Hubspot.

Find out how to connect Arlo to Hubspot.

7. Quickbooks

Arlo integrates with Quickbooks via a Zapier integration, delivering a powerful yet easy-to-use connection between your TMS and accounts. Automate tasks for invoicing, bank reconciliation, expense management, payroll, tax management and financial reporting.

Find out how to connect Arlo to Quickbooks.

8. Survey Monkey

The native integration between Arlo and SurveyMonkey makes capturing customer feedback surveys easy – including automatically sending surveys to attendees right after an event. It automatically creates surveys you create and reporting features make it easy for you to gain insight into your business to make better informed business decisions.

Find out more about the Arlo and SurveyMonkey integration.

9. Google Calendar

Synchronizing events with Google Calendar gives team members visibility when courses are running is key to avoiding conflicts and ensuring they can be managed smoothly. Use this Zapier integration to automatically add any new scheduled Arlo course to a personal or shared calendar. Everyone on the team can see what’s happening and plan their work effectively!

Find out how to connect Arlo to Google Calendar.

10. ClickSend SMS

Following up with customers is important to help build long-lasting relationships, but that can be time-consuming manual work. With this Zapier integration automatically send follow-up texts from ClickSend SMS after a registrant completes a course in Arlo, or can remind them about their upcoming course

Find out how to connect Arlo and ClickSend SMS

Have another integration in mind? Arlo connects with over 2000+ apps with both native and Zapier integrations. Ready to find out how to connect Arlo to the software applications you use in your training organization? Get in touch with support@arlo.co.

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