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Tammy Banks at TEDx Holgate Women

Tammy Banks spoke at the recent TEDx Holgate Women event on how training has the power to transform lives. In this inspiring talk Tammy shares how her personal experience of abuse and poverty has helped shape her values-led approach to training.

Arlo has been working closely with Tammy Banks for a while now. Our training management software is powering her business Taye Training, we’re a proud sponsor of the National Facilitator Awards – started by Tammy these awards recognize facilitators who deliver exceptional training. We’ve covered her inspiring story in our Change Makers series, she shared how Arlo helps her training business in this great case study, and you’ll see her representing Arlo in May at one of the biggest L&D conferences in the UK; Learning Technologies

We’re incredibly proud to partner with Tammy, and always in awe of her many achievements. A recent one being her TEDx Holgate Women talk on “How values-Led, quality training has the power to transform lives”. The 16-minute video has already racked up 100,000 views on YouTube in less than a month.

We highly recommend giving it a watch! Or, read on for our key takeaways from this inspiring talk. 

About Tammy’s TEDx Holgate Women talk

Tammy’s talk highlights how training delivered well has the power to transform lives. She will highlight the shocking truth that thousands of hours and pounds are wasted every year by poorly delivered training. 

Tammy’s story of education started when she was just 15 and living homeless. Sharing personal experience of abuse and poverty she will share the takeaways that she has learnt throughout her career working in frontline services. 

Tammy explains by fundamentally being values-led in approach and applying the methodology expert-tailored-engaging they can deliver training that gives attendees an unforgettable and impactful learning experience.  Tammy Banks is Founder and Director of Taye Training, a socially focused company that delivers training to key working services. Tammy’s personal history, academic achievements & work experience have driven her to champion the importance of effective, achievable solutions within organisations working with people who are vulnerable, marginalised or disadvantaged. 

Tammy developed the Training methodology and quality standard Training 4 Influence, her book Transform Your Training is an Amazon bestseller. 

Tammy is also Founder of the National Facilitator Awards, Chair of Sunderland’s Children Service, Together for Children, She served as a Lay member on the House of Commons Committee for Standards for 6 years and is a Fellow of Westminster Abbey. Tammy has spent her career championing for change and is leading a mission to help people recognise that quality, values-led training has the power to transform teams, organisations and even lives. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Taye Training

Arlo has helped us to grow as a business and allows us to focus on creating high quality training. We can’t imagine being without it.”

Our three key takeaways

Values-led quality training can transform lives

Values-led quality training is training that values people in the room, thanks them for the work they’re doing, teaches them the skills, morals and values to really work with the people accessing their services. While some of our essential services are struggling – police, probation, local authorities, teachers, NHS charity workers – and the systems need an overhaul, values-led training is something that can be done today, immediately. Values-led training has the power to transform the lives of frontline professionals who are delivering life-changing services, and it has the power to transform the lives of the people that are receiving these services. 

Poorly delivered training is a waste of time, money and opportunity

People too often talk about training that is lackluster, boring and not engaging, and not relatable to them. The shocking truth is that thousands of hours and pounds of taxpayers money are wasted every year by poorly delivered training. 

Connected personal expertise makes training more relatable 

A recent feedback survey from one of Tammy’s training courses showed that 100% of delegates believe training that is delivered by someone with either connected personal expertise or connected professional expertise makes training more relatable. The skills they learned were able to be put into practice the very next day. 

To find out more about the values-led training that Tammy and her team delivers, visit Taye Training.

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