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2023 in review and what’s in store for 2024!

Arlo is the #1 training management system in the world, and we’re still growing. With offices in the UK, Canada and NZ, we’re proud to be the platform behind training organizations all over the world. But we don’t take our position for granted – we work hard to deliver a great product and service for our customers.

2023 was no exception. It’s all in the stats! We automated 8,176,328 emails, processed over 2.3m registrations, and scheduled over 167k courses. Saving Arlo customers 251,255.50 hours in admin time.

Join us as we take stock of everything that’s been rolled out this year, and look ahead to what’s coming through the pipeline in 2024…

What did we see in 2023?

Continued investment in platform security and reliability

We worry about platform security so you don’t have to. This year we increased our engineering headcount and put in after-hours rosters for global support. We replaced older technology libraries with newer versions to increase security. And we made a number of other enhancements to ensure your Arlo platform can continue to support your growing number of courses and registrations.

Enhancements galore

Not every release is worth shouting from the rooftops about, so forgive us if you’ve missed any of the many enhancements we’ve rolled out this year. Just to name a few; we’ve added new fields to our contact and organization reports, added new webhooks for leads, merges, and credit notes so you have more flexibility connecting to external systems, and support for higher volume Zoom meetings with automated attendance tracking. 

New Salesforce integration

This year, we’ve been working on a new Salesforce plugin to make your lives easier and it’s jam-packed full of new features:

  • We’ve rebuilt the plugin from the ground up using the latest Salesforce coding standards. This means that it’s more performant, more reliable, and is fully compatible with Salesforce Lightning. 
  • With the implementation of webhooks, synchronization of entities (excluding leads) now happens in real time. Leads will still sync in batches, around every 15 minutes.
  • For contacts and organizations, there is now a 2-way sync meaning that your data in Salesforce and Arlo will always be up to date, no matter where you make the change. 
  • You can also manage duplicate records detected within Salesforce and choose which record should be synchronized.
  • The new integration allows you to choose whether you would like Arlo leads to be pushed to Salesforce as leads or opportunities.
  • Finally, we’ve added enhanced error logging so you can see exactly what is happening when records are synchronized between the two systems, making troubleshooting a breeze.

The BETA is now open so if you’d like to jump on, let us know. Just email your Customer Success Manager.

Improvements to our Moodle integration

Our latest update (4.1.4) introduces powerful Arlo Webhook technology into the Arlo for Moodle plugin.

Our new webhook technology allows real-time synchronization of your records. No more tapping your foot waiting for the system to reflect the changes you’ve made! Registrants will now get instant access to their Moodle courses as soon as they register using Arlo.

Find out more and upgrade now! 

Powerful analytics for your training business

No one was shielded from the challenges that came with the deprecation of Universal Google Analytics and the massive roll-out of GA4 in 2023. For Arlo customers, the transition was made a lot smoother thanks to the Arlo Professional Services team.

From this detailed guide, to this advanced analytics video tutorial and their full-service migration – everything’s been covered. There’ll be plenty more helpful resources from the Professional Services team in 2024 to help your training business succeed. 

Invested heavily in our release infrastructure

We’ve been focused internally on building our new infrastructure to allow us to release new features and improvements faster and therefore more frequently.

This is a massive milestone and sets us up to bring you some great new features in 2024. 

Fine-tuned our customer support

Based on your feedback we are retiring our phone support to concentrate our resources where you need us most. Our dedicated Product Support Specialists are still available via email. and now live chat, and will now have more time to focus on resolving your complex queries.

Arlo’s friendly AI chatbot, Artie, also joined the support team – and soon will be stationed inside your Arlo management platform to assist with any questions or issues.

A spotlight on impactful training

2023 saw the launch of the Arlo Change Makers series. A series that highlights the passionate people behind training organizations that are changing people’s lives. Tammy Banks at Taye Training which delivers specialist training and consultancy to frontline services, and Danielle McGee from Black Business Boom who is educating, supporting and driving revenue to black-owned businesses.

We are proud to be the platform behind these organizations, helping them streamline, scale their business and deliver more impactful training. We’ll be showcasing plenty more customers like Danielle and Tammy in 2024, and we’d love for you to be a part of it! Got a great story to tell? Email marketing@arlo.co 

Industry networking with Toast to Training

We launched a series of networking events for training professionals to catch-up with the team at Arlo in your region and network with other training providers over drinks and nibbles. You can expect to see more of these complementary events in 2024, in even more cities! Stay tuned.

What’s in store for 2024?

You saw us double our engineering team in 2023… in 2024 expect to see us triple it. Which means even more Arlo goodness coming your way!

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to see from us in 2024.

Making our end user experience more accessible 

We’ll be working towards WCAG compliance so you can offer your customers a more accessible registration experience. These changes will ensure that you remain compliant with the European Accessibility Act (comes into effect in 2025) and American Disability Act.

At the top of these standards are four principles that provide the foundation for Web accessibility: perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. We will be working to ensure that all of our frontend technologies meet these principles.

Fresh look and feel for the management platform

We’ll be taking the first steps toward changing the look and feel of Arlo – refreshing our UX to give it a more modern look and feel and making it a more intuitive platform for you to use. Keep an eye out for a sneak peek of some of the new designs in the new year!

A new checkout
We’re redesigning the Arlo checkout to make customizations even easier for you. We’ll also be looking at conversion optimization and exploring new features to help you sell more courses and manage payments.

Localization for the US

Arlo currently supports British English, and from 2024 we’ll be making some changes to better support American English too. This will include language and date options inside the Arlo platform, as well as on the frontend website experience for your customers.

Continued improvements to Salesforce

In the new year, we’ll be making even more improvements to our Salesforce integration, including instant lead synchronisation, the ability to synchronise orders and credit notes, and the ability for the integration to merge contacts and organisations when a merge has taken place in the other application.

Keep up to date with what’s happening in 2024…

Productboard is back and better than ever! 

We’ve heard your feedback about visibility into our development roadmap and product updates, and we’re excited to share with you that we’ve now got dedicated team members working on our release portal, Productboard.

This portal provides you easy-to-digest insights into latest releases, monthly wrap-ups, and a straightforward way to see what the team are working on before it’s released. Not only do you get greater visibility into our roadmap, you can also request new features and enhancements that our product team will review and consider to add into the engineering team’s workflow. 

Got an idea for an enhancement to the product, or a new feature you’d like to see implemented? Submit it here!