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Video Tutorial: How to set up and optimize GA4 for training providers

If you are a training provider and you want to start using GA4, then this is the video for you. A step-by-step tutorial covering everything from how to set-up GA4 to using advanced reporting to generate actionable insights for your training business.

Google deprecated Universal Analytics (UA) at the end of June 2023 and replaced it with GA4. We covered the migration steps in: Arlo’s guide to GA4 migration. Now, training providers are asking us how to set-up conversion events in GA4, how to generate insightful reports, and how to use that data to increase conversions. In other words: how to sell more courses. 

Before we go any further… What are conversion events? 

If you’re new to GA4 but have previous experience with UA, the main difference you’ll find is that GA4 is exclusively based on Conversion Events. UA conversions were typically tracked by setting up what were called “goals”. Now, everything in GA4 is an “event”- purchases, page views, etc.

At a high level, a conversion is an important interaction you want your website visitors (potential customers) to complete. Typically, for training providers, the most important interaction is: registering for a course. But there are several crucial steps in the path to conversion, including: viewing a course page and adding a course to a cart.

These types of events are unique to training providers, and you’ll need to complete a few steps in GA4 to set these up and begin tracking them. You can use this data to identify where your customers typically drop-off during their path to conversion and then take steps to improve it. 

We cover all of this and more in this short 15-minute video: Google Analytics 4 for Training Providers.

This video is essentially a technical how-to guide for setting up GA4 for training providers. We show you step-by-step in detail how to set-up GA4, how to configure advanced commerce conversion tracking, and how to generate insightful reports from GA4 that will help you make informed business decisions. We’ll unpack GA4 reporting terms such as acquisition, engagement, and monetization and we’ll also share some practical ways to turn insights into actionable steps to drive more sales through your website.

In just 15 minutes you’ll learn:

  • What is GA4 
  • Why, as a training provider, you need GA4
  • How to set-up GA4
  • How to connect GA4 to a training management system
  • How to set-up conversion events
  • Generate regular GA4 reports
  • Use GA4 data to make informed business decisions 
  • Tips to increase checkout conversions 
  • How to optimize your website to drive more sales

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How TEFL drove 50+ more sales every month

International TEFL Academy (ITA) is a world leader in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad and teaching English online. TEFL uses the Arlo training management system to streamline their course management processes and reduce manual administration. Recently, Marketing Manager Stéphane Le Mentec reached out to the Arlo Professional Services team to explore ways to drive even more revenue for ITA.

Our team worked with Stéphane on three key initiatives to increase revenue. One of those initiatives was abandoned cart email automation.

The Arlo Professional Services team identified this opportunity through analysis of TEFL’s checkout process and conversion rate in Google Analytics. The team could see the potential to drive more sales by remarketing to website visitors who had added a course to their cart, partially or fully registered for it, but not made it through to the checkout and payment stage. They implemented a series of abandoned cart emails that automatically remind people to come back and complete their course booking. 

The result of these initiatives? TEFL increased revenue by 340% and are now seeing 50+ sales a month from the abandoned cart emails. 

Read the full case study here.

“Working with Andre and the team at Arlo we set-up abandoned cart emails. We’re now seeing about 50+ sales a month from people who have interacted with those emails.”

About Arlo’s Professional Services Team

Professional Services is the consulting branch of Arlo – think of it like a dedicated agency for training companies. The Professional Services team came about after recognising the challenges that many training companies face whilst trying to operate with small teams or even one-man bands! The team is made up of web designers and developers, marketers, Zapier integration experts, learning design experts and more. 

They offer a range of services including website design and integration, marketing automation, bundles, checkout, learning design, and of course analytics and conversion tracking. 

Book a free consultation with the Arlo Professional Services team today to explore any of our services. 

For Google Analytics, the team can assist you with everything from:

  • Discuss GA4 set-up and tracking in more detail 
  • Configure the tracking that we covered in the video
  • Set-up advanced tracking and conversion analytics
  • Set-up advanced reporting
  • Explore ways to improve your conversion and get more sales

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