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The elegant way to deliver a webinar series

The concept of webinars and blended learning to deliver training courses has been around for a while now, and many training providers have made a quick shift to these online learning options in order to continue operating during COVID-19 restrictions. Now, with Arlo’s multi-session, you can seamlessly deliver a webinar series.

Now, more than ever, training providers are offering remote live online webinar courses as an alternative to face-to-face. Navigating the changes required to deliver in this new format is challenging – from learning new tools such as Zoom, to adapting existing classroom content to an online format, to training presenters on a new style of delivery. 

As our Arlo training providers have made the switch from the classroom to live online, a common theme we’ve heard is you can’t just take a one or two day course and magically deliver it over Zoom. Spending 8 hours in front of a screen is just way too long to hold a learner’s attention – instead, you need to break it up into a number of short, high-impact sessions. 

90% of IRI Australia‘s courses were full-day classroom courses and they had to move quickly to adapt them to webinar to continue operating during COVID. IRI trainers sat down and figured out the core elements that they needed to deliver, and then modified the content to ensure it was driven and time-bound to better suit the webinar format.

“We optimize our content to 90 minutes, and we’re now looking to reduce it to 60 minutes. You will lose people beyond that.”

– Margarita Sanding, IRI Australia

Arlo has adapted too – we’ve developed multi-session. You could already manage multi-session face-to-face courses in Arlo, but now you can do the same with webinars, to deliver a webinar series.

Multi-session is a feature available to all customers on any Arlo training management system plan. It enables the creation of courses that are split into multiple sessions (6x 1hr live online webinars), have a choice of sessions (optional or mandatory as required), have a mixture of delivery methods (at a venue or live online), different presenters, or different prices – including optional extras. These multi-session courses can be run over a number of weeks, and registrants on these courses will be automatically registered for all mandatory sessions, and any optional sessions that they choose to attend.

For more information on how to create multi-session courses in Arlo, check out our support article.

A month or two ago we announced our shiny new integration with Zoom, and it’s awesome to see that so many of our Arlo customers are using this to help steer their businesses through COVID. Zoom, paired with the new multi-session feature, will ensure you can keep your business operating as well as keep your learners happy (by giving them learning options) and engaged (by keeping those webinar sessions short, and spacing them out).

And when things get back to normal, you will be well placed to deliver multi-channel, blended learning as a standard. Why not start by taking a popular classroom-based course, and add a short follow-up Zoom session a week later to ensure knowledge is baked in?

Finally, you can use our Moodle plugin to add self-paced elearning, meaning a single course contains face-to-face, webinar and eLearning components. It’s blended learning at it’s best.