Course registration software The checkout built to sell training

Buying training shouldn’t be hard. Arlo’s course registration software is built to boost conversions.

Training course registration software for training

Single checkout Checkout made easy

Your courses are diverse and complex but buying them shouldn’t be. Your customers simply provide their details, payment and custom information in one single process. Arlo takes care of the post-purchase emails and customer portal.

Arlo's training course registration software let's you accept payments for multiple registrations and offer discounts.

Payment methods Payment options for everyone

Let customers pay right away online, or spread the cost out for large courses with partial payment options.

  • Stripe, Paypal, Payment Express and more
  • Invoicing with custom payment terms
  • Collect deposits and follow up payments

Transfers, cancellations and refunds Transfers the workload to Arlo

Stop dealing with back and forth emails and calls to arrange a transfer or refund. Arlo let’s your customers manage their registration and makes refunding and transferring easy.

Customizable forms Customize your registration forms

Don’t chase registrants for the right information, customize your forms to collect all the info you need during checkout. Add new revenue channels with optional extras and sessions.

Registration rules Target the right people

Manage member only events, courses with prerequisites, block duplicate registrations, only allow registrations with work emails …and more.

Restrict who can register for certain courses with registration rules.

Application process Screen applicants before they register

Automate your entire application and review process in one place. Arlo’s flexible application workflow supports a range of scenarios, such as funded courses which require applicants to meet a special criteria.

Take applications to screen potential registrants before letting them register.

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