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  • Offer on-demand training with Arlo

    Admin - 19/05/2015

    If you’ve ever struggled with offering on-demand training, we’ve got good news for you. Our next release has online activities, our new event type specifically for on-demand events!

  • Using event presets

    Admin - 28/04/2015

    We have come up with a new feature to avoid the time consuming and frustrating process of updating event settings in the same way again and again.

  • New Report – Order Lines Report

    Admin - 08/04/2015

    As much as we like our Orders report and the information it offers clients, we wanted to step it up and provide you with the ability to drill down to even greater levels of usable data.

  • Introducing Arlo!

    Admin - 12/09/2014

    We are excited to announce our fresh new name and brand: Arlo.

  • Capture course feedback with SurveyMonkey

    Admin - 14/05/2014

    Getting valuable feedback from your courses, events and presenters is easier than ever using Arlo’s integration with SurveyMonkey.

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