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Arlo Software announces Tim Bird to succeed founding CEO John Mitchell


Arlo Software has today announced the appointment of Tim Bird as new CEO to take Arlo through the next stage of growth, replacing founding CEO John Mitchell.

In his 16 years at Arlo, John has overseen the significant growth of Arlo into a global business with customers in 70 countries, over 7 million people trained and processing more than half a billion dollars in transactions per year! John has led the business through several key stages of innovation with the purpose of empowering the delivery of great learning.

“We’ve never been more invested in our people and product and we’re building a world-class team to take our training software to the next level. We have an ambitious goal of doubling the number of learners through the Arlo platform by 2026”, says John.

But with growth, comes new challenges. The focus shifts from building a startup, to establishing, developing and managing processes, systems and people. Tim is a people-centred leader, and this is an area where he has the opportunity to add inherent value. He is an experienced consultant with a proven track record of driving business growth, focusing on strategic thinking, problem-solving, and nurturing people, teams and culture.  

Tim says “It is a privilege to be appointed as Arlo’s CEO. What excites me most about Arlo is the people, the customers, and the massive opportunity for continued growth around the world. I’m committed to building on the great success that John and the team have already achieved, while growing and nurturing our people.

One of my favourite quotes comes from organisational learning expert Peter Senge – Transforming systems is ultimately about transforming relationships among people who shape those systems – I look forward to doing exactly that, among many other things, at Arlo.”

“We engaged Tim as an external consultant 15 months ago to help define Arlo’s strategic direction. He has been working closely with John, the Board and the executive team over this period and comes well-prepared to take on the CEO role. I have full confidence in his ability to help Arlo achieve our global ambitions”, says Allan Dawson, Chairman.

Tim will start on the 24th of July 2023. He will continue to work closely with John and the Board to ensure a smooth transition of leadership, with John remaining available to advise in the short-term. Long-term John will focus on his portfolio in the start-up community as an advisor, consultant, investor, and director as well as remaining a majority stakeholder at Arlo.

About Arlo

Arlo is a cloud-based software solution that helps training providers streamline administration and grow their business. Headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, with offices in North America and Europe. Their innovative platform offers everything from a CRM, to the website, to scheduling, online registrations, course management and more – all the way to invoicing. To learn more visit arloco.arlo.local