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How to unlock revenue with post-course remarketing

By using Arlo’s internal custom mail, you can implement a retention strategy in a few simple steps. This will assist you to keep existing customers, reduce churn and the need for prospecting. This thinking can be applied to any of your retention strategies and automations.

It’s much easier (and cheaper) to retain an existing customer than it is to find new ones. The Harvard Business School report claims that, on average, a 5% increase in customer retention rates results in 25% – 95% increase in profits. And the lion’s share – 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers! The same truths are revealed by KPMG, who found that customer retention is the main driver of a company’s revenue.

To assist you, we have designed 4 templates based on possible scenarios for you to customize and use in your business from today to drive your happy customers back into your sales funnel.

Scenario 1 – Introductory course

Mary has just completed an introductory course on first aid that gives her a certificate of completion but not a certification. The day after her final class, she is sent an email congratulating her on completing the course. The email also indicates that she is now eligible for  the next course, which offers certification in first aid.

Dear Mary,

Congratulations on completing First Aid 101! Your certificate of attendance will be sent to you shortly. Did you know that you are eligible to attend the Advanced First Aid Certification Course? This enables you to qualify as a Safety Compliance Officer in just 12 weeks. 

Click the link below to see the available dates for the course in your area.

Scenario 2 – Advanced course

Sam finished an Advanced Workplace Safety course, the last training module in a series. A week after completion. Sam is sent an email highlighting complementary courses that he may be interested in. 

Hi Sam,

What a great achievement to have completed Advanced Workplace Safety. You might want to take a look at our courses covering work-from-home safety and compliance, or how to navigate post-Covid compliance. 

We have a host of courses that we think will suit you and, as a loyal customer, use this promo code to get 10% off any other course.

Click the link below to see the available dates for the course in your area.

Scenario 3 – 6 month remarket

Ingrid completed a Fire Safety course 3 months ago and it is time to keep the relationship fresh. Using a soft-sell approach they are sent a follow up email talking about fire safety.

Hi Ingrid,

Fires account for approximately 3% of workplace fatalities each year. Additionally, they cost businesses billions of dollars in property damage, lost productivity, and higher insurance premiums.

Workplace fires happen every day, and you could be the cause if you’re not careful. We’ve provided this handy guide and set of printable safety notices for your workplace here.

Faulty electrical equipment.

Overloaded circuits, damaged extension cords and defective appliances are all forms of electrical hazards. Make sure  inspections of electrical equipment and appliances are done regularly.

Not handling chemicals properly.

There are safe practices for the handling, storing and disposing of chemicals. When utilized, these practices can significantly reduce the chance of fire. OSHA has set safety standards for working with flammable chemicals. Familiarize yourself with these standards and implement them in your workplace.


Whether or not your workplace allows smoking on the job site, it’s always best to refrain. A stray spark can land on an ignition source like paper or gasoline and ignite a fire in an instant.

Here’s to a safer working environment for you and your colleagues.

If you want to maximise your safety at work, have a look at our other courses including First Aid, Lighting around Lathes and Ear Protection.

Scenario 4 – Certification renewal

Felicity’s OHS certification is about to expire and it is time to remind her to retake and renew.

Hi Felicity,

It’s almost time for you to renew your OHS certification. So that you remain compliant, this is a reminder to book with us before it expires. As a returning customer, you qualify for 10% off if you register before the end of the month. Use the promo code OHSRenew when you sign up here for your recertification.

See you in the classroom soon.

Ready for more revenue opportunities?

Use these templates to build your own follow-up emails and gently nudge your customers back into the training funnel. This allows you to provide them with relevant skills and certification and assists you in revenue generation without having to go through the entire process again.

To take advantage of this, simply create a follow up email using this tutorial.

Once you are done, your automation will send emails out when customers have finished a course. Say hello to longer customer relationships and better Customer Lifetime Value.