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Go paperless with Arlo for Mobile Training & Event App

Arlo for Mobile is changing the way people manage their training and events around the world. It’s an extension of the training management system that makes attendance sheets a thing of the past. Your presenters, trainers, or support staff can record attendance directly on their mobile phone or tablet. You will never need to print or email an attendance sheet again! Whether you run a training operation or you are an event provider, here are four ways Arlo’s mobile application can help you.

Go paperless, save the trees

Are your presenters tired of losing track of printed paper reports, or not having all of the information they need due to last minute changes on your events? All of the information they need could be at their fingertips with Arlo for Mobile. Arlo for Mobile is linked directly to the management platform, so any new registrations are automatically displayed on your presenters phone. The registrants information is displayed and viewable to help the presenter understand their audience. One of the hardest things that presenters have to manage, is last minute changes to an event or course. This is often not communicated well enough to the presenter, or it is another piece of paper, which will need to be entered into a CRM. Arlo takes care of this, as the app is live and always refreshing. No more surprising changes that risk being lost on paper.

Record attendance and get visibility

One of the main areas where Arlo for Mobile stands out is its ability to reduce the amount of manual administration training and event companies have to do. If you’re use to managing a company with disparate systems or spreadsheets, you will know that often recording attendance has to be done multiple times. You record the first session’s attendance on one piece of paper, then you record the second session’s attendance on a second piece of paper, and so on. Then after completion of the event or course, you take those pieces of paper and enter them manually into your CRM.

Arlo takes this whole process away, allowing presenters to mark attendance on the app. Within seconds a process that could take hours is complete.

Mark results and relax later

Marking and grading as tedious as it is, needs to be done properly. Training companies can’t afford to get learner’s grades mixed up, or lost. In light of gradings significance, it is still surprising how many companies use rudimental tools for recording grades and double work to store them. Mark the work and record the result straight away with Arlo for Mobile. The data can immediately be seen within Arlo’s CRM or your Salesforce instance.

Combine Arlo for Mobile and SurveyMonkey to get feedback

To get insight into the quality of your training or delivery, don’t wait to send surveys to registrants. Arlo integrates with SurveyMonkey so you can automatically send online feedback surveys to registrants. Combine this with Arlo for Mobile and you have the perfect solution:

  1. Record attendance at the start of the session with Arlo for Mobile.
  2. Arlo sends online feedback surveys automatically to all registrants during the session.
  3. At the end of the session your presenter asks registrants to check their email, open the mobile friendly survey form, and complete the survey before they leave.

For more information on our mobile app, check out this short videoOr contact us today, we would love to hear from you.

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