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Doubling registration numbers with Rutgers TLT

Arlo is excited to be working with Rutgers’ Teaching and Learning with Technology faculty (TLT). Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, is currently ranked 33rd amongst the world’s top 1000 universities. Rutgers serves over 69,000 students with 22,500 staff in New Jersey and across the globe. The university runs its operation on an annual budget of $4.4 billion. For Rutgers’ Teaching and Learning with Technology faculty (TLT), giving registrants a premium learning experience is paramount to remaining in the top echelon of higher education providers. To reduce administration and increase registrations Rutgers TLT turned to Arlo’s training management solution.

Rutgers TLT uses Arlo’s automated communication and course scheduling tools to significantly reduce manual administration. Rutgers TLT also uses Arlo’s website integration to easily promote their workshops online and take registrations.

Arlo has significantly reduced the amount of administrative work by at least 80 hours per week. Using Arlo’s Training Management Software, Rutgers has been able to manage a  doubled workshop volume as well as doubling registration numbers. “Given how successful it’s been, we plan to phase Arlo in as the registration tool for our annual conference, also” said Emily Ravenwood, Senior Instructional Designer.

Check out the full Rutgers TLT Case Study, to see how Rutgers uses Arlo and all the benefits they have received so far.

There are a number of other training and event providers who have experienced similar positive benefits from adopting Arlo. Why not see if your company could experience the same by contacting us today!

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