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Set your web designers free! Seamlessly integrate Arlo into your website or intranet to promote your training and events. Arlo has a solution for integrating training, courses, elearning and events into every type of content management system including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Silverstripe, Umbraco and custom.   Transcript Arlo’s smart web technology makes it easy to […]

Set your web designers free! Seamlessly integrate Arlo into your website or intranet to promote your training and events. Arlo has a solution for integrating training, courses, elearning and events into every type of content management system including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Silverstripe, Umbraco and custom.



Arlo’s smart web technology makes it easy to create beautiful looking websites. Your training and event pages, powered by Arlo, will seamlessly integrate with your main site.  Everything from the website’s fonts, colors, page layout, to the style of the buttons, match perfectly. Let’s take a look at the technology in action. 

University of Auckland

The University of Auckland run a short course program for professionals. The website includes catalog to promote their courses. People can easily find courses of interest by applying filters. They can then select a course from the list to learn more.

Course pages include information on what is delivered in the course. In this case, the University has also included a video from the presenter, and has added topics covered, the course outcome, and feedback from previous attendees. Dates for when the course is running are listed. And course details are updated in real time. The web designer who created this page was given the freedom to design a page that fitted with the overlook and feel of the site and one which matched the University’s brand. The University includes all the information a prospect needs to know before they register.

As can see they even include who is presenting the course and allow you to view the presenter’s profile. The profile includes information about the presenter and the courses they deliver. Once again, the University has included a short profile video from the presenter. The website includes a calendar so, at a glance, you can see a list of courses on offer with the dates that will be running next. Filters are also available.

All content we have just viewed is managed directly from within Arlo.  Admin can easily schedule new dates, edit content, and create completely new courses and the website will be automatically updated.


Microsoft use Arlo to power their Ignite conferences. Ignite conferences are Microsoft’s annual conference for IT professionals; it’s their big event of the year. The conference includes a large range of sessions that attendees can register on. All session information is managed in Arlo and integrated to website. The design includes clever filters and search options so you can find sessions of interest. You can then buy tickets and register for the event.

Simply Academy

Simply Academy is a leading provider of financial education services. Arlo powers both their classroom based courses and e-learning courses. Everything matches perfectly, right through to the icons on the buttons. 


Assurity offers training for software professionals. Their extensive range of courses and annual conferences are managed through Arlo. When they built their new website, their web designers were not constrained by any site limitations. They were able to create an interactive and engaging user experience that integrated with Arlo perfectly.


The designers at Xero came up with an innovative way of structuring ‘Xero U’, their training and event section of their website. You first select the role that best matches you, for example “Accountants”. Then you choose where you are in the learning journey. The area of interest, and a topic. You can then select the delivery method, in this case, either self-paced or a live webinar. Arlo’s integration with GotoWebinar pulls through all the relevant webinar information and displays it on the website automatically.

Easy implementation

Arlo offers a full set of website pages and widgets to help you build your training and event site. From a simple upcoming events list widget to add to your homepage, to a powerful course catalog. Let’s take a look at an Arlo demo site to see the pages and widgets in action. This homepage includes a selection of available widgets. Each widget is designed to capture your attention and encourage you to click through to other pages within your website.

The ‘Feature events’ widget for example highlights a couple of key events that you might be interested in. But it also promotes the list of categories, encouraging your visitors to select one to view relative courses. 

An upcoming events widget is designed to encourage visitors to click through and see events running in their location. The next widget is similar. Its promotes the locations where training and events are delivered. The elearning widget effectively tells visitors that you offer self-paced online courses and encourages them to click through and see the full list on offer.

And finally the professional development program widget not only promotes the fact that you offer events with PD points, it also tells your visitors that there are a range of delivery options they can choose from. What’s more, when you click one of the delivery options, you are taken to a page within the site that lists the workshops on offer.

Now let’s take a closer a look at some of the pages available with Arlo’s website integration. This is the upcoming events page. As you can see it includes a range of filters at the top which can be customized and configured to suit.

The event page contains all the information about the event or course as we saw with University’s site. It lists available events dates to register onto, including displaying any applicable discounts. And as you can see, you can also join a waiting list if the event is full. If you cannot make this event, there’s an option to complete the course as a self-paced online module.

You can add a page containing your list of presenters as well as individual profile pages for each presenter. Similarly, you can add a page with a list of your venues and include individual venue pages for each location.

Let’s take a look at one of the catalog pages on this site. As you see, you can set-up categories for grouping your training and events. Include a small description for each item. Advertise the delivery options; live online, at venue, and elearning. Promote the next running date. Or,  if there are no dates scheduled, capture interest.

Arlo offers another style of catalog which includes different filtering options. This catalog page includes a special filter that supports catalogs with multiple levels. The design is well suited to manage and display large volumes of courses and events.

Does this page look familiar? It’s the same page that we saw on the University’s site but with a different look and feel and alternative filters. Arlo’s web technology provides the flexibly to make changes like this possible.

Need to display an actual calendar so your visitors can easily view events running in a given month? No, problem there’s a page for that too. You can even include an option to view by week or by day. 

Arlo gives you inspiration

We think the technology is pretty cool and hopefully by now you will already be thinking about ideas for your site. To help you come up with even more inspiration and to make implementations easy, we have built a library of demos that you can look through and use. The library includes examples of the supported pages and widgets. Apply a filter to display the demos for the relevant page. For example, these are the current demos for the ‘event list’ page. We are adding more all the time, so watch this space.

Here’s the range of widgets that you can add to your homepage. To make it even easier, we have built a number of demos, designed to match a consistent set of themes. For example, theme 1 includes the full set of pages and widgets available, all matching a consistent design. The idea is to find a theme that closely matches your site and use these for the integration. You can of course add further customization to suit your site.


All our demos are mobile friendly. Your visitors will not only be able to browse your training and event site on any device, they can even register for an event on their mobile phone.


Arlo support the following website integration options. A template site which is ready to go out-of-the-box. You can choose a theme to suit, easily include pictures, update colours and add content. No technical skills are needed. Web controls offer a powerful technology that allows you to integrate Arlo with any leading Website content management system. The controls use Javascript technology and require no back-end database integration. Your web developer will love them.

If you use WordPress for your website, great! The Arlo for WordPress plugin is just what you need. You can find it in the WordPress plugin directory.

If you have a complex site or what to integrate event registration data into a private portal for users, Arlo offers an extensive set of APIs to meet your requirements. There’s a special API specifically for front-end website integration and an authenticated API for private data.

We’re here to help

Our website integration technology is design for web developers but we also offer support to help implement the solution if you need it. In fact, some of our web design partners use our web team to help with client’s installation as we can often complete the work faster and more effectively. They focus on designing and building beautiful website and leave us to implement the controls or WordPress plugin.

It’s an exciting time for this new technology and cool to see the fantastic looking websites that people have been able to make. We hope you add another to go with the collection soon!