Marketing tools overview

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Acquire more customers and grow revenue with Arlo’s suite of marketing tools.


This video covers Arlo’s marketing tools which will help you grow revenue from existing clients and acquire new ones.
Arlo’s campaign management feature lets you run targeted email campaigns.

Let’s create one.

Add newsletter subscribers or build a list of contacts to target. In this case, people who have completed a basic course but not the advanced one. Arlo automatically integrates with Campaign Monitor so you can create beautiful looking emails.

Include a limited time discount to create urgency. Or alternatively issue a voucher with a fixed value that can be redeemed against multiple purchases.

Arlo integrates with your ad platforms, allowing you to view conversion rates and purchase activity from your advertising. At checkout, order details can be pushed into these platforms as well so you can track transaction value and return on investment.

Increase brand awareness and get your training and courses trending online by harnessing the power of social media. Customers can like and share your courses from your Arlo-powered website across their favourite social networks.

And follow you on your social profiles.

Arlo’s website integration technology is optimized for SEO to ensure that when someone goes looking, your website is found.

We let search engines know that you are selling courses so that details such as start date, title and location are shown in the search results.

Arlo’s lead management is designed specifically for training providers.

Course pages not only promote course dates, they also include options to either enquire about running the course privately, or you can gauge interest in courses, and when there are enough leads, publish the event and invite them to attend.

Lead forms are fully customizable so that you can capture the information you need.

In Arlo, you can manage all the information about the lead including adding a rating and follow up date, recording notes, adding tasks, and sending emails

And when the deal’s done, close it as won.


At every opportunity, Arlo looks for openings for you to sell more training.
With Arlo, you can…
Send smart campaigns to your database, be found on Google when people go looking, and measure your advertising performance

Next we will explore how you can broaden your market and sell training to people all over the world by delivering Elearning.