CRM overview

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Store individual records and manage client relationships with Arlo’s CRM.


This video covers Arlo’s CRM which is built for training providers and will allow you to store individual records, manage client relationships, and run targeted campaigns


Use the ‘Google like’ global search to quickly find contacts in your CRM. On a contact, view key information, including a list of completed courses and elearning. Arlo’s database is fully customisable and can be extended to meet your needs. Add custom fields, record and track marketing information and manage consents.

Already running a CRM like Salesforce?  No problem, use the ‘Arlo for Salesforce’ app or integrate your CRM using Arlo’s powerful API.


Manage organisation records in Arlo too. Configure Arlo to capture and store the account-level information you need. Record notes, add a task, and store documents. Arlo lets you manage key contacts on an organisation and will automatically link other contacts to the organisation based on their email address. Manage account hierarchy, such as regional departments linking to a head office account. Assign account managers to each of your organisations. Schedule account reports to be sent to each account manager on a regular basis.


Duplicates are a thing of the past with Arlo’s duplicate management Arlo’s merge feature copies all associated items onto the merged record


Generate and manage sales leads and opportunities in Arlo. Arlo’s lead management is designed specifically for training providers. Capture leads from your website. Website course pages not only promote public course dates, they also include an option to enquire about running the course privately. Lead forms are fully customizable.

In Arlo, new leads appear at the top of the list. Manage information about the lead. Add ratings, a follow-up date, and other information. You can record notes, add tasks, and send emails and when the deal’s done, close it as won. Arlo lets you gauge interest in courses, and when there are enough leads, publish the event and invite them to attend.


Arlo’s CRM includes everything in one place. It allows you to get close to your customers, track course activities, capture and nurture leads, and manage client records and relationships.

But what about generating new business? Watch our next video to discover how you can sell more training with Arlo’s suite of marketing tools.