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Elevate your training software with Arlo’s partners

At Arlo, we’ve carefully selected key training software partners that we know will help your training business succeed. Best-in-class systems such as Salesforce, Moodle and more are integrated into your Arlo platform to elevate your training, reduce manual processes, ensure a seamless flow of data, and provide a top-notch experience for your learners.

With customers in over 70 countries, more than 375k courses scheduled through our platform, 7.5m people trained and $3b worth of training sold, Arlo knows what makes training businesses tick.

Arlo is the #1 training management system globally, helping you to manage course registrations, payments, website, CRM, and reporting – all in one powerful and easy-to-use platform.

And while Arlo sits at the core of your operations, acting as one central hub for your training business, we plug into thousands of other best-in-class systems with smart integrations.

But to elevate your business even further, we’ve partnered with a handful of other training software businesses that “get training” just as much as we do.

We’re proud to partner with Mimeo, Coursecheck, aNewspring, Salesforce, Wicket and Moodle. Not familiar with them? Read on to find out exactly what they do, how they work alongside Arlo, and how they can help transform your training business. 


About Mimeo

Corporate learning and development has evolved since 1998, and so has Mimeo. Since revolutionizing the print space 20+ years ago, they have stayed in lock-step with what you need to get training content in front of your learners. 

Print and Digital Content for Training Firms

Keep your training operations running smoothly with professional print and virtual materials. Whether you need to make your training stickier or market your services, Mimeo are here to help.

  • Physical Training Materials Manage your training manuals, workbooks, reference sheets, job aids, and all other hard copy learning materials with on-demand print. Upload, build, and order with next-day delivery to global offices and learner residences.
  • Digital Training Assets – No SCORM or HTML knowledge is needed. Upload your existing videos, PDFs, forms, and documents. Mimeo will automatically optimize them to be device agnostic.
  • Classroom Supplies Say goodbye to supply closets. Store your markers, pens, notebooks, and other training supplies in Mimeo’s warehouse to ship alongside your print materials. They’ll even deliver to your learners’ residences if they are participating from home.

One-Stop Shop for Training Services

Simplify your training operations with Mimeo as your fulfillment partner. You’ll save time, money, and headaches on printed materials, mobile-friendly content, and marketing collateral alike.

Custom Storefront

Empower facilitators, channel partners, and even employees to order your content on their own time. Publish print, digital, and warehouse items to your custom storefront. You’ll manage the content, and  Mimeo will manage fulfilling orders.

Why Arlo + Mimeo?

The Mimeo and Arlo value-props are really nicely aligned. Together we focus on making our customers’ lives easier by streamlining admin tasks when running courses, saving them time and helping them deliver better learning experiences for their customers. We are both leaders in our respected categories, with well respected brands and strong sales and success teams who are experts in their field, with trusted relationships across the commercial training sector.

This understanding has led us to identify the opportunity to work together to offer a joint solution for training providers to elevate their businesses even further – watch this space, we’re cooking up an integration!

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About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM platform. More than 150,000 companies around the world have chosen Salesforce as their CRM to help them streamline the way they connect with prospects and customers to close bigger deals and grow revenue 

With Salesforce you can store, track, and analyze customer and prospect information in one central location, including contact and account information, sales opportunities, service cases, and marketing campaigns. 

With data in one central location, organizations have a complete picture of customers and prospects that can be shared and analyzed by teams across the company in real-time.

Why Arlo + Salesforce?

Arlo’s integration with Salesforce is built on the Salesforce Lightning platform, bringing you a modern, user-friendly interface. It combines the power of the world’s best CRM with Arlo’s smart training management system. 

Data is transferred with a two-way sync using webhooks to automatically synchronize your contacts, organizations and accounts, events, registrations, and leads/opportunities between Arlo and Salesforce. Ensuring data integrity without the manual data entry.

A powerful training software integration for organizations that need the features of an extensive CRM like Salesforce to complement their training management in Arlo. 

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Case Study

International TEFL Academy increased revenue by +340% with Arlo and Salesforce.


About Coursecheck

If you collect feedback about the training courses you run, you’ll know it can be a labor-intensive process which often delivers little value to the business. 

Coursecheck addresses this issue with training evaluation software designed specifically for training companies and in-house training teams. With Coursecheck you can:

  • Reduce the administrative burden of feedback collection, analysis and reporting
  • Reduce the time it takes to analyze data, and identify areas for improvement with AI-generated comment analysis 
  • Better measure training impact with Integrated follow-up feedback 
  • Integrate feedback on your website with an optional easy-to-use widget

Why Arlo + Coursecheck?

Through its integration with Arlo, the process of requesting feedback on Coursecheck is fully automated. Maximizing response rates and extending the functionality of Arlo with minimal effort.  

Information about upcoming events and courses on a scheduled basis, typically overnight, are sent to Coursecheck using Arlo’s robust API. At the end of a course, learners are automatically sent the feedback survey, pre-populated with all the relevant information including course name and instructor name. QR codes can also be generated for on-the-spot feedback collection during the course. Once they’ve completed that survey, responses are immediately available to view in your Coursecheck dashboard. You are alerted to any issues, allowing you to respond as soon as possible.

Integrate Arlo with Coursecheck and make the most of your customer feedback.

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About Wicket

Wicket is the world’s first member data platform. Simplify your member management with Wicket by managing your contacts, organizations, and memberships all in one place. 

  • People. Wicket will store all of your contacts as people in your member database. You can store multiple types of contact information, set preferences, and write comments on each.
  • Organizations. In Wicket, you can manage all of the organizations you interact with. Store corporate contact information, custom data, and create relationships between organizations and contacts.
  • Flexible membership. In Wicket, you can create flexible membership tiers that are specific to your organization. Once you’ve set up your tiers, you can then assign each type of membership to the people and organizations in your database. 
  • Customizable data fields. No two organizations are the same, and you have custom data that you want to store on your contacts and organizations. 

Why Arlo + Wicket?

Wicket + Arlo offers a total solution for associations and member-based organizations by combining their powerful training software platform with Arlo. Provide a seamless member experience while keeping all of your member data synchronized. 

When you update any data in Wicket, that information is automatically synchronized to Arlo, you’ll never need to update data in two places. Plus, Wicket connects all of your tools with SSO (Single Sign-On). This means that members are automatically logged into Arlo using the same username and password they use for the rest of the software you connect to Wicket. 

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About aNewspring

Hundreds of training providers use aNewSpring LMS to build inspiring learning journeys.The comprehensive solution offers eLearning course creation, content hosting, course resource libraries, collaboration tools, assessment management and more. 

Mix and match a huge variety of learning activities such as quiz questions, events, surveys, and videos together with classroom training in a blended learning journey.

Why Arlo + aNewspring?

Integrate aNewSpring with Arlo to create and deliver eLearning and blended learning experiences. Arlo manages your course registrations and logistics, while aNewSpring looks after the self-paced eLearning modules. 

Data flows seamlessly between the two systems, with no manual data entry required. When someone registers for a course in Arlo that includes a self-paced eLearning module in aNewspring, the learner will automatically be enrolled in both systems. They’ll receive an email notification with a link to the online course, and if they’re a new learner they’ll also receive an email with login information. When the eLearning modules are completed in aNewspring, the results will automatically be sent back to Arlo and stored against the customer record. 

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About Moodle 

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated training software system. One of the biggest LMS globally, hundreds of millions of people in thousands of educational institutions and training organizations around the globe use Moodle to manage their online learning.

Create personalized self-paced eLearning and blended learning experiences and include quizzes, SCORM objects, videos, and other online activities.

Moodle’s belief that free and open access to education technology is fundamental to creating a more equitable world where everyone can pursue a quality education means that the LMS is open source. Moodle is free to download, modify and share with others, 

Why Arlo + Moodle?

Arlo’s native integration with Moodle allows you to promote and sell self-paced online, face-to-face, live online, and blended courses. In Moodle, deliver self paced courses and include quizzes, SCORM objects, videos, and other online activities. Automatically enrol registrants on Moodle courses from Arlo and get live visibility on their progress. Get reporting on registrants with all information flowing back to Arlo, this includes learning progress, payment status and grades.

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